Zhang Huiwen turned out to be love, the belly of the word horse goddess! yezimei

Zhang Huiwen turned out to be love, "the belly" of the word horse goddess"! Lead: you see "apostle Walker", not only will be fascinated by the actor actress, female bodyguards will be the strength of young and beautiful pink ring Xiaoying domineering! Vigorous hand, sacrifice the Saviour’s loyalty, key and long legs and delicate child guards! 90 after seeking girl Zhang Huiwen really amazing! (source: ELLE Chinese network) she is "the Apostle Walker" domineering female bodyguards! Louis Koo, Wu Zhenyu, and Charmaine Sheh…… In such a strength of men of God Goddess grade group, Wuli incarnation of Zhang Huiwen noodles "women play", the unique aura was not fully submerged, before the "strong woman cold" and "warm heart sister" switch freely! A black long straight is to let people absolutely can not be ignored is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, glitter, existence". She is a sweet high school student in the call of love in the center of the world! "Women play" image powder countless, Zhang Huiwen frantically into the film publicity, she and ouhao starred in the center of the world calls for "love" will be released soon! In the film she’s active "daozhui ouhao Oh ~ is a small fresh beautiful romance, sentimental love sweet! Zhang Huiwen students really prefer black long straight Oh, youthful breath! And the European strong group CP, with a face with wood! The conference site, in addition to being the two person CP abuse, weave has long been Zhang Huiwen white slender legs become entranced! Look at the side of the foot strength, no matter what angle is impeccable! Zhang Huiwen’s long legs long is "unlocked" out. She is "I go to school." the fresh Wen mei! A lot of people in the reality show "Zhang Huiwen for me to go to school." inside, the professional dance Wen sister started to show good performance. With "Sonny" attribute her adorable and cute, wearing school uniforms can make legs strong screen! Hold have to live in the evening dress! Worthy of whether to participate in the activities of small fresh or daily street, Wen sister have revealed full of freshness, but also exudes a unique Oriental charm. The body is also a good bar, whether it is a small dress or casual ride, and straight and long legs so that the series really hurt by ten thousand points, all kinds of envy jealous hate! Figure proportion is a kind of experience? Although less than a supermodel, but guards long legs still give you wen sister violent "visual crit"! Let the perfect leg line skirt accentuates. In private life, Wen sister is Nitian legs strength rolling! Simple white shirt dress can be so beautiful! A sportswear can not cover up the beautiful long legs! Without looking at the scenery, the eyes are all legs, legs, legs! Hidden "dazzle master abdominal deep groove back to you! Do you think her sister only guards big legs? You know too little! People A4 waist, vest line everything, and a hidden "dazzle abdominal Queen" was born! If you think the ABS has become a street!相关的主题文章: