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"Yun Zhi" where the snow CP emerged Yang Zi envy ten years of love [Abstract] in the plot, the protagonists feelings finally gradually built up, where the snow is the sentiment has gradually. The original, where the snow in ten years after the death several times, and the incarnation of evil comeback Lu Xueqi, my Zhang Xiaofan is a few degrees against, position and the truth of the struggle is abuse of the heart. Where the snow is CP she had played Yang Zi Lu Xueqi Qingyun Zhi _08 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "Qingyun Zhi" "Zhi" Qingyun entertainment Tencent since hit, Yang Zi played by the right school door Qingyun a new generation of disciples leader Lu Xueqi by the cold, rigorous personal style to attract everyone’s attention. In the original novel she is also a built-in special temperament, talent cultivation, deep, high temper cold dust, not Theodore tongue words. With the development of the story, Lu Xueqi has been abstinence van Zhang Xiaofan’s attitude gradually changed, that emotional signs of netizens said "happy feeling where the snow CP finally emotional drama", and where the snow, fanyao which CP is the official match once again become a hot topic. Where the snow is the "heart" and "Ice Queen" Lu Xueqi fresh dew in the network side VIP first warmth a story, the protagonist’s feelings of the line finally gradually established, especially where the snow is the sentiment has gradually. Because in the beginning of the story, played by Yang Zi Lu Xueqi who has been Shushu hot pursuit, although it is very cold on the aspect a strong contrast with the ratio difference, but let the book powder are entangled in the drama version was snow book with you "," where the snow is CP in the end when the line "? It aired the story, in order to control the river after donation raised silver drawings stolen, Lu Xueqi and Baguio in the castellan mansion before the sword because of misunderstanding opposite the first positive war, let the story again stimulate the escalation of conflict. Although the two are different because of the different positions of the devil, also seems to indicate that there will be more "hostile" relationship. After all the snow in Chongqing city led the "pass through", the relationship between the two has a subtle change. In addition to the previous seven pulse will start, or every time together only Guzhe checkpoints in distress, Lu Xueqi and Zhang Xiaofan finally have a "heart" of the moment. Listen to Zhang Xiaofan analysis of poisonous flowers, energy-saving respect before he has prejudice, now he is very clever, unlike in the Qingyun mountain. Said this, Lu Xueqi looks with a temperature, it is difficult to see in the high cold "Qingyun first beauty" on the body. Yang Zi: Fanxue envy ten years of love in the original novel, where the snow is a life and death several times, especially after ten years of Lu Xueqi and the incarnation of evil comeback, my Zhang Xiaofan is a few degrees against, position and the truth of the struggle is abuse of the heart. Although Yang Zi said "we this play is mainly about a Xian Xia world, just a love story is not simple, not put all the focus on love, but the heart of the child part would still have, especially the late Lu Xueqi and my part." Now see, woman or a few words for the beginning of the cold, adorable feelings a tolerant attitude. Different ways of handling things are completely different, with the same feelings, for Lu Xueqi in the emotional personality always forbear, frank.相关的主题文章: