Yanan man for debts of death caused by neighbors harboring both jailed (video) lm3886

Yanan man for debts of death caused by neighbors harboring both jailed newspaper news (reporter Gao Le correspondent Feng Yanhong) because of debts to dispute with others, caused by the death of the accidental tussle with each other, then hiding in the neighborhood in the final, both subject to legal sanctions. In November 7th, Luochuan County Court negligence causing death and sentenced the defendant Moumou was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 4 years; by harboring Xu Moumou sentenced to 4 months imprisonment, suspended for 6 months. In February 19th this year, around 8 pm, the defendant Moumou and surname Wang, Han Moumou and Shen Moumou (female) in the county of Luochuan a captain Ming Xiang, Shen Moumou rented a room to play mahjong. Mahjong afterwards, Shen Moumou Moumou due to beg for arrears quarrel, causing Han Moumou dissatisfaction, two people have abuse each other, then tussle behavior. Due to icing on the ground slippery, two people fell to the ground in the tussle process, is to mediate and Shen Moumou surname Wang opened up were sent off. About 20 minutes later, Shen Moumou and Wang Moumou also went to Han Moumou rental housing in the visit, Han Moumou has found lying on the ground become unconscious. After identification, Han Moumou and others died after tussle caused by acute onset of coronary heart disease. On the same day, after the news that Moumou Moumou may be dead, fled back to his rented place, came to the neighbor Xu Moumou rental housing, told the incident and stay in Xu Moumou room. When the police entered the room to find Lee sometime, Xu Moumou claimed that no person. Later, the police in the search process, will be hiding in the Li Moumou arrested. After the incident, the defendant Moumou has been with the victim Moumou family on the case of civil compensation to reach a settlement agreement, a one-time compensation for the families of the victims of the cost of 150 thousand yuan. The court held that the defendant Moumou due to negligence causing death, his behavior constituted the crime of negligence causing death; the defendant Xu Moumou Moumou defendant knowingly may be suspected of criminal offenses, and provide premises for the hidden, and falsifying evidence, help them escape punishment, his behavior constituted a shield the crime, the prosecutor accused the defendant who was found guilty of two. In accordance with the provisions of the criminal law, made the decision. Note: the video for the extended reading bills failed to also man was illegally detained creditors相关的主题文章: