Xi’an set up air travel alliance tourists visiting scenic spots to enjoy the discount hotel foldercure

The establishment of the Xi’an Aviation Tourism Alliance tourists visiting the scenic hotel to enjoy discounts held yesterday at the Xi’an city tourism marketing cooperation and navigation "The Belt and Road" international route development conference, the "Xi’an navigable city tourism marketing alliance through formal declaration", China’s first Aviation Tourism Alliance – Xi’an city tourism cooperation and the establishment of navigation. In the future, the alliance will be through the "aviation + tourism" model, the city will further enhance the visibility of Xi’an, at the same time, will also be through a series of initiatives, will bring more concessions to visitors to Xi’an. Unified brand image to create a business card in accordance with the contents of the declaration of Xi’an, the Union will be a unified brand image, the implementation of the Xi’an air travel brand strategy, build Xi’an aviation + tourism international tourism products. The charm of ancient Xi’an quality "slogan, unified production for the international tourist market, multilingual tourism advertising films, feature films and tourism tourism promotion manual, broadcasting on a flight on. Through the major routes of Shaanxi, Xi’an and other cultural elements embodied, planning and packaging the main distinctive, a multi station, marketable air + travel routes and ecological, cultural and folk theme tourism products. In addition, the alliance will carry out "the charm of ancient Xi’an quality product marketing activities, each year by Congress proposed and determined a member of the unit led to promote the theme, combined with overseas carried out the activity of" air + travel tourism promotion, integrate all marketing channels, full radiation wave of Xi’an City Tourism Bureau more than and 20 Xi’an window overseas promotion center, using the full cyber source airlines, with exclusive travel products. In the commercial website, OTA and a variety of new media platform in cooperation Xi’an air + travel propaganda, use of foreign mainstream media to carry out tourism image and product promotion, to carry out exchanges and cooperation between the cross regional, cross-border City, invites the main inbound tourist source country, provinces and cities to participate in the festival activities held by members of the alliance. According to the needs of the market, but also the timely introduction of "air travel Huimin month" activities. Visitors to Xi’an will offer more in the future alliance will launch a series of preferential measures to jointly promote the signing of the individual as the main object of the "machine + king" machine + car "" machine + wine "strategic cooperation agreement and the team visitors as" machine + tour "mode of cooperation. It is understood that the international and domestic flights for passengers, with 72 hour transit visa policy, where the airline take tourists, with your boarding pass to Xi’an’s major scenic spots, hotels, travel vehicles, newspaper group travel can enjoy discount discount. At the same time for the airline or high-speed rail transit passengers, including accommodation, meals, storage, forwarding and other five free service. For transit passengers at the airport and take ground transportation to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport flight passengers from other provinces, providing individual tourism products and discounts, passengers can also enjoy the team line booking service, airport shopping, dining and discounts, will also enjoy the time Hotel, sleep box and other short-term incentives and ultra low price hotel to rest, enjoy swimming, airport hotel hotel fitness, bathing, chess and other exclusive four discount preferential services. Reporter Fu相关的主题文章: