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Xi Jinping Trone ordinary telephone what signal? – Beijing, xinhuanet.com Beijing on 14 November, in the outside world have been concerned about the Sino US relations will go side as an important news 14 at noon sent from Beijing, immediately occupied the world’s major media headlines — Xi Jinping was elected president of the United States Trone ordinary telephone. In November 9th, Trump won the U.S. presidential election day, President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to him. 5 days later, the two were on the phone again. The good tradition of Chinese President and President elect to continue to contact and communicate in a timely manner indicates that China US relations will continue to maintain the momentum of development. "Cooperation" is Xi Jinping Trump and President of the overseas call mentioned distinct theme words. In more than and 400 words the Xinhua news report, President Xi Jinping referred to 5 times the word "cooperation". See President Xi Jinping is how to evaluate Sino US Relations: talk about the past — the establishment of diplomatic relations 37 years ago, the continuous development of bilateral relations, to bring tangible benefits to the two peoples, but also to promote world and regional peace, stability and prosperity. Facts have proved that cooperation is the only right choice between China and the United states. Talking about the present — the current Sino US cooperation, has important opportunities and great potential, both sides should strengthen coordination and promote bilateral economic development and global economic growth, expand exchanges and cooperation in various fields, so that the two peoples get more benefits, and promote Sino US relations forward. Talk about the future – as the largest developing country, the largest developed countries, the world’s top two economies, China and the United States need cooperation and cooperation can be a lot of things. I attach great importance to Sino US relations, and is willing to work with the United States to promote bilateral relations and better benefit the people of the two countries and other countries. Trump agrees with President Xi’s views on U.S. – China relations". He said: China is a great and important country, the development of China’s good prospects to the attention of the world. China and the United States can achieve mutual benefit and win-win. I would like to work with you to strengthen cooperation between the United States and china. I believe that China US relations will surely achieve better development. President Xi Jinping on the phone from the sentence "cooperation", to promote the full expression of "cooperation" to become the future mainstream of Sino US relations to china. History shows that China and the United States have been able to achieve win-win cooperation, an important reason is to maintain the level of communication and cooperation in various fields. Close contact, frank communication, especially the direct communication between the heads of state of the two countries, is an effective way to manage differences between China and the United states. On the phone, "President Xi Jinping and Trump agreed to maintain close contact, establish a good working relationship, and an early meeting to exchange views in a timely manner," the development of bilateral relations and issues of common concern, that the future presidents will continue this practice effectively. After Trump became president, the U.S. domestic and foreign policy will be some adjustments, China policy will not be entirely the continuation of the Obama period. Will the differences between China and the United States be reduced or increased? What new features will appear? The outside world has a variety of speculation. There are differences is not terrible, the key is how to treat differences. November 9th message, President Xi Jinping)相关的主题文章: