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Health It’s an all too familiar story in Australian newspapers every summer: a tragedy at the local swimming pool. By learning first aid, though, you can mean the difference between a major tragedy and a small accident. Knowing what to do when an emergency occurs is critical – especially in and around pools. Know What To Do At The Pool This Summer – Whether you are using a public pool or one that is simply located in your or your neighbour’s backyard, having a good knowledge of first aid can save the life of a stranger, a fiend or a loved one this summer. When you attend a Brisbane first aid course, you gain the ability to keep an accident from becoming truly tragic. If a child slips and falls into deep water in your presence – or if a kid that knows how to swim randomly begins struggling to stay afloat – you will know just what to do to help them. In the end, knowing these techniques can save the life of a child – maybe even your own. Handle Emergencies At The Beach – Although many beaches have lifeguards on duty, just as many do not. On top of that, just because a beach has a lifeguard doesn’t mean that he or she will be able to handle every possible scenario. By learning important first aid techniques, you can be the person who gets a grip in an emergency. You’ll be able to assist a lifeguard if necessary; if no lifeguard is on duty, you’ll be able to help the victim out until professional assistance arrives. No matter what, knowing first aid certainly can’t hurt – in most cases, it is positively priceless. Don’t Downplay The Importance Of First Aid Know-How – Accidents happen in and around the water all the time. Many times, the big difference between a tragedy and a small accident depends on whether or not someone who’s trained in first aid is available. You too can be that person that makes a difference in circumstances as such, and prevent a tragedy from becoming another statistic. It only takes a few hours of your time, and you’ll be able to help your own children, other people’s children – and countless others – if the need should arise. Have fun this summer, but stay safe too by receiving first aid training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: