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What is the secret political implication of the design of the tomb of Yuan Shikai? [Abstract] although Yuan Shikai became the first president of the Republic of China, in the form of the end of the imperial regime, but because he became emperor and was spurned by the people. The history of the paradox and embarrassment, it poses a challenge to the tomb builders. Yuan Shikai Yuan Lin tomb gate. Oriental IC data figure: Yuan Shikai tomb built traditional monarchy to modern politics is a microcosm of the | Ma Jinsheng tender Tomb of Yuan Shikai because in recent years has been studying the burial history, some scholars had more than once prompted me: compared to the Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, the tomb of Yuan Shikai, the same should be a high degree of attention. However, I soon found that the tomb of yuan, the existing works on Yuan Shikai is not a word, it is a. Until I see a period of the Republic of China published "the tomb of Yuan Gonglin’s work report" in the National Library of ancient books, with the overall understanding of the construction of Gonglin yuan, also seems to understand the scholar’s intention. In June 1916, just eighty-three days of the reign of emperor Yuan Shikai in the Hongxian denunciation, DIN died. The Beiyang government dedicated to the Huairen Hall of Zhongnanhai near the establishment of a zhisang preparatory office, to take care of Yuan’s funeral. In order to comply with his help with home, bury me. "The will of the Beiyang government decided to Tai Ping Zhuang Yuan buried in Anyang County of Henan province. On the northeastern corner of the village, and the cemetery is named" Yuan Gonglin". The name itself, it means. On the basis of state meeting resolution, the Beiyang government decided to earmark five hundred thousand yuan coins for Yuan Shikai’s funeral and to perform the funeral of my expenses. However, as the Yuan’s purchase of the graveyard, built into the tomb and move with "half" funds. The rest of the main building of the mausoleum has been significantly less used. In order to solve the funding problem, responsible for building the tomb for Yuan Shikai Tian Wenlie to "Henan Xunan Shi Yuan Gong heritage is not abundant, could not light; and the odd storehouse son tight, difficult to request" on the grounds, together with Duan Qirui, Wang Shizhen, Duan Zhigui, Zhang Zhen Fang et al to provincial officials "initiated levy capital", finally to raise silver two hundred and fifty thousand yuan, finally solved the problem of construction funds. Yuan Lin’s construction, to take the tender of the project. In the history of modern architecture in China, there is no doubt that there is a precedent. After the bidding process, the final bid is mills. Since June 1916, to the end of June 14, 1918, Yuan Gonglin’s main project is completed, after a period of up to two years. According to "the tomb of Yuan Gonglin’s work report" records, "the whole tomb covers an area of one hundred and thirty-eight Mu nine. Eight cents eight cents six silk nine and seven hundred and thirty-two thousand seven hundred and fifty-four yuan, spending 19 Fen per cent a dollar". Built the cemetery "imitation of the Ming Tombs and tomb built smaller", part of President Grant’s "follow the river to tend the grave the shape characteristic of the Chinese and Western. The architectural style of the whole Chinese and Western yuan Gonglin south. From the south to the north of the main building are: soil Zhaobi, stone bridge, stone bridge, brown white arches, columns, statues, Wang Ting, real value, Damon, Peidian, Jing Rentang, iron, stone and tomb for five. The distribution of the building by Shinto as the central axis, neat layout well-proportioned. Yuan Gonglin has four rows of poplars in the fourth week相关的主题文章: