Wenzhou man couldn’t come out after rescuing the pet dog into the sea googims

Wenzhou man rescued the pet dog into the sea after the flames failed to come out again, around 11:30 yesterday afternoon, Wenzhou Ouhai District Xinqiao street a house burst fire, a man in the rescue dog, accident, died. Reporters from the street related responsible person confirmed that the man surnamed Lin, 39 years old, usually love pet dogs. According to the local fire department, the fire started from the roof of the home, the most senior living in the building after Lin found that immediately rushed into the fire to save the dog, but the fire spread quickly, he can not rush out from the flames, resulting in an accident. It is understood that the fire is the top dog kennel, Gui Lin men all. Build kennels for iron steel, an area of about 20 square meters. Xinqiao Street staff, before the incident Lin in the 7 floor roof of the kennel dog cook, then went downstairs, forgot this thing. The kennel found after the fire, in spite of his family and neighbors to dissuade him into the fire with wet towel to save the dog, the misfortune. Some neighbors said, Lin engaged in pet sales business, the dog has been for about a year, "these dog is said to be worth tens of thousands of dollars, he often in the evening with two or three dogs downstairs to walk."." After the local fire department received the alarm call, it quickly arrived at the scene, and quickly controlled the fire. Rescue personnel, because the rescue in time, the rest of the building tenants were not affected by the fire. After the incident, the local authorities found his wife Lin to understand the situation, according to her introduction, Lin burst into flames is to save the dog in front of the fire, and no other kennel. At present, the local authorities on the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Related news: Jinhua, a warehouse that had a hopeless husky dog abuse eyes (Photos)

温州男子为救宠物狗 冲进火海后没能再出来 昨天中午11点半左右,温州市瓯海区新桥街道一幢民房突发火灾,一名男子在救宠物狗时,发生意外,不幸身亡。记者从该街道相关负责人处证实,这名男子姓林,今年39岁,平时酷爱宠物狗。据当地消防部门介绍,起火点由楼顶的狗窝开始,住在这幢楼房最高层的林某发现后,立即冲入火场救狗,但由于火势迅速蔓延,他没能从火海中冲出来,导致了意外。据了解,当时起火的是楼顶狗舍,归养狗男子林某所有。狗舍为铁皮钢架构建,面积约20平方米。新桥街道工作人员介绍,事发前林某在位于7楼楼顶的狗舍煮狗食,随后下楼,把这件事忘记了。发现狗舍起火后,他不顾家人和邻居的劝阻,用湿毛巾包裹身体进入火场救狗,结果遭遇不幸。一些邻居说,林某从事宠物销售生意,养狗已有一年左右,“这些狗贵的据说价值上万元,他经常会在傍晚带着两三只狗下楼来遛。”当地消防部门接到报警电话后,很快赶到了现场,并迅速控制了火势。救援人员介绍,由于救援及时,这幢楼房的其他住户并没有受到火灾的影响。事发后,当地部门找到了林某妻子了解情况,据她介绍,林某冲进火海就是为了救狗,而在起火前,狗窝里也没有其他人。目前,当地相关部门对起火原因还在进一步调查中。相关新闻:金华某仓库这样虐狗 哈士奇露出绝望的眼神(组图)相关的主题文章: