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One of the biggest reasons Video Contests have be.e so huge is because of the cost of camera’s. Plus, the size of the camera’s makes is easy to always have one close by. Video Contests are a great way to .pete for great prizes and cash. Video Contests get everyone involved through laughter and tears with an emotional connection. Then those viewers tell their friends about it, and they tell their other friends. The trickle down effect. The is the best form of advertising for .panies and Video Contests. Video Contests have some of the greatest odds if you are going to enter one. Sweepstakes tend to always get much more entries because all you do is fill out a form for the most part to enter. Video Contests entered are much because people have to take the time to create the Video for the Contest. To give you an idea of the tremendous differences of odds winning with Video Contests verses Sweepstakes are 1 in 10,000 verses 1 in 100. Yes, it could be that dramatic of a difference. Those are amazing odds, making it worthwhile entering and winning Video Contests. Here are some helpful tips for entering Video Contests. The more knowledge you have going into it the more you will increase your odds. Read the rules very carefully before you do anything. That is a must when you start planning on entering Video Contests. Find out the time frame: How long you have to create and submit your video? Length of Video: If and what is the minimum and maximum length it has to be? Submission: Do you have to submit a tape or does it have to to be in hi-definition. Do you need to upload your entry online or send it in the mail? Other Considerations: Do you have to add music? Is there a certain genre it has to be in? Video Contests rules and requirements could be varied is many different ways. The Judging for Video Contests The next important thing to know is how the Video Contest will be judged. Video Contests like all others will have specific guidelines to by. The Video Contest rules and judging requirements along what they are looking for will sometimes blend in together. You have read the rules and know how you will be judged. You have all the requirements and know what the sponsor is looking for and have an idea how the winner will be selected. You might want to do a little research. Who are the people doing the actual judging? Will it be a panel of judges hired by the sponsor and what is their background? Will the video contest winners be determined by a voting that’s open to the general public? Knowing this ahead of time can sometimes give you that little extra edge. Once you found out all the details its time to plug all that information and .e up with an idea? Now there are many suggestions we could throw out there for you to build on but we feel its better its better for you to gather the information you have collected so far and build from what .es to mind. A few basic vague tips we will tell you is you need to get your audiences attention right away. You need to reel them in and keep them them there until you decide to let them go. What you really want to strive for is to have them wanting to keep holding on and wishing your piece would not end. Since this is a Video Contest and there is always at least one sponsor. You will want to impress them especially. Many times some of the judges will include a representative from the sponsoring group or .pany. If it’s appropriate, you might want to mention the Video Contests sponsor(s) in your piece of work. Another option would be to use one of their products as a prop, or even just have it in the background. Example: you a has seen where a couple is sitting at the kitchen inside a house drinking some soda. The sponsor happens to be Coke. You might want them drinking a Coke product. Whatever you do, make sure it is not Pepsi. You have written, shot and edited your video. The final product is in hand but you double-check to make sure that you’ve followed all of the Video Contest guidelines. Very important. It is very .mon now a days for Video Contests to have you upload your work. That is the case for this particular one, so you upload your video. To enter Video Contests you no longer need a super expensive video camera. Technology has changed so much along with the high end quality of electronics. Now everyone can produce professional looking Video’s at an affordable price. Some entries that have won in past have even been made from cell phones. .e visit us and win! 相关的主题文章: