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The development of venture capital has a new network of top-level design – in September 20 Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua: venture capital development of the top-level design of Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhao Xiaohui 20 announced the "State Council on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture capital investment from a number of opinions" the main source of funding, policy guidance, exit mechanism etc. on the development of venture capital to the full range of top-level design. This will help the venture capital industry to flourish along a healthy track. As mentioned, venture capital is to realize the effective combination of technology, capital, talent, management innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises financing methods, capital strength is important to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological innovation booster, implement the new development concept, an important measure in the implementation of innovation driven development strategy the supply side, promote structural reform, foster the development of new energy and steady growth, expanding employment. However, in recent years, the venture capital industry is also facing legal and policy environment is not perfect and supervision system and industry credit system construction lag and other issues in the rapid development at the same time, there are some investment "bubble" and the phenomenon of illegal fund-raising risk, a perfect system should be standardized. Opinions put forward to accelerate the formation of a distinctive, vibrant venture capital institutions. It is worth noting that, in addition to encourage all types of institutional investors and individual companies, a lawfully established partnership venture investment enterprises, and encourage the industry backbone enterprises and other institutions involved in venture investment, Opinions also encouraged strong capital strength and management experience of the individual through a lawfully established one-man company engaged in venture capital activities. Clear views of the sources of funds, in the premise of risk control, safety flow under the support of the central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises, insurance companies, university fund and other institutional investors in venture investment enterprises and venture capital fund; trust company can give full play to encourage entrepreneurship and investment loans advantages, and actively explore new products, new models, providing comprehensive, personalized financial venture investment and financing services; cultivate qualified individual investors, with the support of risk identification and risk tolerance of individual investment in venture capital enterprises. Put forward suggestions in terms of exit mechanism, give full play to the motherboard, the gem, the National SME share transfer system and regional equity market, venture capital market smooth exit channels, and improve the National SME share transfer system trading mechanism, good market liquidity change. Analysts here believe that these initiatives on the one hand to expand the capital entrance, on the other hand to make the investment exit channels are more diverse, more smoothly, is expected to guide the funds gathered to venture capital, venture capital has vigorous development. Comments also suggested that the tax policy support technology to co-ordinate research to encourage venture capital enterprises and angel investors investment seed and start-up period of enterprises, to further improve the venture capital investment to offset the tax preferential policy, to carry out research on angel investors personal income tax policy pilot work. At the same time, the establishment of venture capital and government projects docking mechanism to study the policy measures to encourage long-term investment.相关的主题文章: