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The second presidential debate Hilary Trump or expose each "black material" original title: the second election debate Hilary Trump Shem to expose each "black material" in October 10, according to foreign media reports, local time on the evening of 9, Republican presidential candidate Trump and the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate will launch the second TV debates. The outside world is expected, Hilary and Trump will each other’s mail door, sex scandals "black material" bash. Previously, Trump was exposed by the media many years ago insulted a female recording, now scandal continues to ferment, the party has at least 36 chiefs to his withdrawal. Trump, 8, after a public apology vowed never to abandon the election, but also threatened to be on the second televised debate on the 9, broke out more about the couple’s sex scandal, Clinton. Local time on the evening of September 26th, the U.S. presidential election debate on the first presidential debut, Hilary Trump Lian meet field. So far, the Democratic Party has not launched a massive attack on Trump’s latest scandal. It is expected that Hilary will be in the evening of 9 of the second TV debates on the matter Trump bashing. Hilary is also in a new dispute. Hilary, 7, announced the content of the speech given by Wall Street to the bankers, showing her support for free trade and open borders. If the content is true, may aggravate voters questioned Hilary integrity, because Hilary in the campaign of "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" from the position of support to opposition in the repatriation of illegal immigrants also show a clear position. Hilary’s campaign refused to respond to the matter, saying that Wikileaks has always been to undermine the reputation of Hilary, and the content may be false. Data figure: Hilary pneumonia appeared after recovery. WikiLeaks threatened to open more for Hilary’s "black material", which means that on her way to the White House, may still be buried in the public There’s no telling "mine". In addition, the "play women talk" after exposure, Trump at 8, the first time a public apology, saying it was just a private conversation, but also refers to the rival Democratic presidential candidate Hilary’s husband, former president Clinton has spoken on the golf course "worse than this word". Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: