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The United States officials to talk about the South China Sea Philippine President: listen to their leading position of the Chinese side Philippines said foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang held a regular press conference asked: this morning, the National People’s Congress in Hongkong by 104th of the basic law interpretation. Some foreign media expressed concern about this. Do you have any comment on this? Answer: in the strict sense, this is not a question answered by the Ministry of foreign affairs. You may have noticed this morning, the National People’s Congress passed the explanation, the office of the NPC Standing Committee held a press conference, Deputy Secretary General of the NPC Standing Committee Mr. Li Fei on the release of the contents of law and the reasons for the detailed description of the public. HKMAO spokesman and liaison office in Hongkong responsible person also has issued a statement. Now that you have mentioned some of the concerns expressed in foreign countries, I would like to emphasize our position here. The interpretation of the NPC Standing Committee made clear Hongkong article 104th officials sworn in the relevant provisions of the meaning, to clarify the relevant legal issues, clearly establish the basic rules of the oath, to curb the "Hong Kong Independence" forces, maintain China national constitution and the authority of the Hongkong basic law, to defend national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity. To maintain long-term prosperity and stability of Hongkong. The interpretation is in full compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and the basic law of the Hongkong, which is in line with the principle of "one country, two systems". I would also like to point out that Hongkong is a special administrative region of China, a local administrative region under the central government of china. The affairs of Hongkong belong to the internal affairs of China, and no foreign country should interfere with it. "Hong Kong Independence" forces to engage in separatist activities, in an attempt to separate Hongkong from Chinese separated, in violation of the law, contrary to public opinion, not only harm the national sovereignty, security Chinese, damage the fundamental interests of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, does not conform to national interests in Hongkong. We hope the international community and the relevant countries to recognize the "Hong Kong Independence" forces are fully understood, the NPC Standing Committee China the necessity and rationality of law interpretation, Chinese support the central government and the Hongkong SAR government to safeguard national sovereignty, security and unity, maintain long-term prosperity and stability of Hongkong special administrative region. Q: Recently, Malaysia Prime Minister Naguib’s visit to China on social media to share the high-speed rail travel photos, mark can be predicted outside Malaysia high TieMa project by the Chinese construction within the party. Can you prove it? A: Recently, Premier Naguib’s visit to China was a complete success. From the news release we can see that President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and chairman Zhang Dejiang respectively had very good talks, the two leaders exchanged in-depth views on bilateral relations and pragmatic cooperation in various fields. This visit will further enhance mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial and friendly cooperation between the two sides will promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries to a new level. About you just mentioned, including high-speed rail infrastructure projects, I want to say, China has always supported the enterprises of both sides in the business principle, carry out relevant cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, we support the social and economic development in Malaysia and the local interconnection. The joint press statement issued by the two sides also expressed willingness to discuss the two countries will actively cooperate. During Premier Naguib’s visit to China, the two countries issued 7相关的主题文章: