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U.S. media: the United States has the most powerful military and war with Russia and China will win the Sohu Military Channel global network reported on August 30th: the U.S. military "national interest" bimonthly website on August 26th published the article said, in the last ten years of the end of the United States to abandon its "two Wars" principle. The principle requires the United States to carry out two regional wars. But what would happen if the United States had to fight two wars today, and the opponent was not a country like North Korea and Iran? What would happen if China and Russia were at odds with each other in the Pacific and Europe? The United States forces plan the positive side, fighting in Europe and in the Pacific war only partially overlapping requirements. As in the case of World War II, the U.S. Army will play a key role in defending Europe, while the Navy will focus on the pacific. The United States Air Force in the two theater as a support force. Russia lacks the ability to confront NATO in the North Atlantic and has no political interest in trying to do so. This means that, although the United States and its NATO allies can put some military resources deployed to threaten Russia’s maritime space (and the prevention of the Russian Navy attack), but the US Navy was able to concentrate mainly in the pacific. According to the duration of the conflict and the severity of the threat, the United States may send a considerable number of U.S. troops to Europe to support major wars. Most of the aircraft carriers, submarines and surface ships in the United States will focus on the Pacific Ocean and the India Ocean region, a direct blow to China’s anti intervention area denial system, cut off China’s maritime transport corridor. Remote military aircraft, including stealth bombers and similar platform, according to the need to participate in the fighting in the two war zone. The United States will be under great pressure to be decisive in a war zone as quickly as possible. This could lead to a serious tilt of the air, space and network resources to one of the war zones, in the hope of gaining a strategic and political victory, so that the rest of the power will be transferred to another theater after the victory. Given the strength of America’s European allies, the United States could initially focus on fighting the war in the pacific. The structure of the alliance is different from that of the United States in the pacific. Despite concerns about whether some of its European allies are fulfilling their NATO commitments, there is no reason for the United States to engage with Russia in addition to maintaining the integrity of the NATO alliance. If the United States is fighting, Germany, France, Poland and Britain will follow suit. In normal situation, even if only European allies will let NATO Russian obtain relative to medium-term advantage huge. Although Russia may seize parts of the Baltic Sea, but it will be hit by the NATO air force hit, it is unlikely to hold the territory long stolen. In this case, the U.S. Navy and air force major support and play a coordinating role, the NATO allies completely defeated the Russians needed advantage. The United States nuclear power will provide insurance to prevent Russia’s decision to use tactical or strategic nuclear weapons. The United States is facing a more difficult problem in the pacific. Although day.相关的主题文章: