U.S. media exposure Trump insult her daughter’s speech is not spared sichen

U.S. media exposure Trump insult women speech his daughter also did not miss the original title: CNN exposure Trump insult women vulgar speech his daughter also mentioned the international online Zhuangao: following the October 7th Trump privately insult women vulgar speech on the network exposure, causing public opinion after the uproar, the CNN (CNN) "K files" program to summarize the day before the report form, once again exposed the previous Trump and radio host Howard · a fragment of Stern’s dialogue. In these dialogues, Trump in a vulgar speech, discussed such as shape and size of daughter Ivanka chest, and women in the menstrual sex, 3P and women after the age of 35 "old" and other topics. It is reported that Trump and radio host Howard cooperation for 17 years, while Trump in the radio program have been reported, but the leaked audio clips are had never publicly broadcast. The following is part of the exposure of the vulgar speech: a daughter Ivanka sexy body in the dialogue with Howard, Trump more than once and talked about his daughter Ivanka Trump ·. In a October 2006 interview, Howard said "Ivanka more plump charming", and Trump asked her daughter to do breast augmentation surgery. Trump is happy to take this conversation, and respect their own daughter didn’t have breast implants. "In fact, she has been very sexy," Trump said, "she is very high, nearly 1 meters tall and 8, she has been regarded as" heaven "." In an interview in September 2004, Howard asked Trump, whether can be called as "Ivanka giant hip beauty", and Trump expressed a positive. "That my daughter, Ivanka, very beautiful," Trump said in an interview. "By the way, the daughter of yours," Howard interjected. "She’s beautiful. What’s wrong?" Trump replied. "What can I call her? Giant hip beauty, "Howard asked. "Yes," answered Trump. On the age of women in the dialogue with Howard, Trump has repeatedly talked about the age of women. In a 2002 interview, Trump said the 30 year old female is the "golden age", and at the age of 35, even if the "old age". "What’s the age of 35? 35 is the age to say goodbye to sex, "Trump said on the show. In an interview in 2006, Howard asked Trump, "do you think you can have sex with a 24 year old girl?" "Oh, of course," answered Trump. "Would you like it?" Howard asked. "No problem, of course," answered Trump. Subsequently, Howard Wen Doug Trump’s choice of sexual objects are "age limit"". "No, I don’t…… No, I have, I am not that Senator Foley at the age of 12, and will be able to." Answered Trump. About Yan相关的主题文章: