Typhoon Meranti or landing Guangdong will bring heavy rain and storm surge baxia

Typhoon Meranti or landing Guangdong will bring heavy rain and storm tide, the original title: Typhoon "Meranti" or landing Guangdong may become 47 years of landing local strongest typhoon on 13 September, Xinhua news agency, Guangzhou (reporter Tian Jianchuan) reporter from the Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Bureau held 13 news conference was informed that the typhoon "Meranti may 47 years to become the strongest typhoon landed in East Guangdong, the landing strength or more than in August this year, hit the front of the Pearl River Delta" typhoon Nida "will bring a dangerous situation and serious storm surge to the eastern region. Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Department expects "Meranti" in the night of 13 to 14 in the morning grazed in southern Taiwan, the rapid trend of eastern coastal Fujian, and from 15 am to noon in Guangdong Shanwei to Fujian Xiamen coastal landing. Guangdong provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Zhang Dong said, the typhoon "Meranti" from the typhoon intensified into a super typhoon took about 9 hours, to strengthen the strength is very fast, the maximum wind near the center of more than 17. In the subtropical high and the interaction distance more than 1000 kilometers outside of the typhoon "malakas" under the typhoon "Meranti" late path and intensity are still large uncertainties. Meteorological Department expects its influence, 14 days to 16 days, the eastern province of Guangdong city will have heavy rain to heavy rain locally heavy rain, eastern coastal counties and the sea will have 12 to 14 winds, the typhoon center wind through the area more than 15 grade. State Oceanic Administration, the South China Sea forecast center 13 at the time of 16 issued an orange alert waves and storm surge warning. Expected 13 to 14 at night during the day, the Bashi Channel, northeastern South China Sea waters will appear 8 to 13 meters high waves to the turbulent region, is expected to 14 to 16 will probably have a Guangdong coastal storm surge process. Guangdong province Fangzong introduced since the 15 day period when astronomical tide, typhoon "Meranti" landing if the eastern region, the most unfavorable situation will appear "high tide superposition". Jieyang to Shantou section will be 100 to 220 cm maximum storm surge, partial tide station will appear over the warning level. Guangdong provincial flood control headquarters has 13 9 start wind III level emergency response requirements, the relevant regions and departments from the perspective of the most unfavorable situation, earnestly boats back to harbor, fishing workers ashore hedge, to control the activities of coastal and island tourism, to ensure the safety of personnel. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: