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Business What would you like to do differently? What have you stopped doing that you once loved? My life slowly became more sedentary and deskbound over the last decade. To avoid pointing blame to the busy schedule and plethora of other excuses, I thought about revisiting the one form of physical activity that I enjoyed: dancing. My wonderful husband, Howie, and I tried dance lessons four times earlier in our marriage and watched as it ended in either a feud or free fall of uncontrollable laughter- neither result sustainable enough to continue dancing education as a pair. The most memorable time was when our group dance instructor broke into our practice, hand-picked my husband and pointed out his lack of leading in a fox trot. Although the instructor meant well by providing constructive feedback, Howie was humiliated for being singled out. When we got back as a couple my husband took charge and sashayed toward the exit, "We are l-e-a-v-ing and we are n-e-v-e-r coming back," he whispered softly and unromantically in my ear. He channeled his ability to lead and led us all the way home. For a longtime it appeared that if we could not dance together, I could not dance at all. This week I finally decided to take action. The first step was to do a quick search to see what type of dancing opportunities exists in my area. The next step was to set the appointment. Feeling a little uncomfortable, I entered the studio and was pleased with the quick greeting by the friendly Fred Astaire staff. We chatted while I made mental notes of my discomfort with what I had just gotten myself into. I managed, however, to set that aside so I could spell out my criteria and expectations for this new and awkward endeavor. My priorities were as follows: Fast dance – "I want a cardio workout in heels. I want to work up a sweat." This is part of an overhaul; I expressed, to improve my health and fitness.Refresh me on the steps – "I used to dance years ago and even took lessons. Repeat the steps slowly at first and it will come back to me." I needed a few reminders to get me going. Sure, it was uncomfortable at first but sticking with it I eventually relaxed and found a renewed confidence. I stepped out on the dance floor and the music made me woozy. It felt so good to actually be doing something that I had thought about for so long. My body surprisingly started moving to the beat in no time. Flashbacks were flooding as I recalled myself as a teenager burning up the dance floor. Images of the clubs were swarming in my head, reconnecting me with my carefree days. It was also helpful to find an environment with a warm and positive culture. The instructor was abundantly encouraging. "Good job, Miss Barb," he’d frequently say. "I like the way you moved those hips!" If he only knew the pains I endured to move those hips! "Oops, I’m sorry I missed that turn," I confessed. "There are no apologies for missteps while you are learning," he’d reassuringly retort. I felt excited during the activity as my left and right brain got reacquainted. The music and motion filled my mind and silenced my incessantly playing scroll of ‘things to do’. I got lost in the dance rhythm and concentrated solely on moving in tune. Truth time…I also felt giddy dancing with someone who actually knows how to dance. (Sorry Howie) How could I have stopped doing something that I once enjoyed so much? I spent the following 45 minutes swinging, samba-ing and swirling. The experience was so much fun that sure enough I scheduled my next lesson with a sense of energy and elation for my return to the world of dance! This moving experience begs the questions: Is there anything that you once loved to do that you have not done for a while? I shared this story with you because it was a reminder that if you want to make a change in your life, you have to turn the beat around! So now is the time to take action – take your first step now. © 2011 All Rights Reserved/Original work About the Author: 相关的主题文章: