Tokyo Video Game Fair Exhibition of the work of the grand opening of an unprecedented huge game-tonya mitchell

Tokyo game show glorious works open game lineup unprecedented Asia’s biggest game show TGS Tokyo game show will be held from September 15th to September 18th, as the Japanese game maker · glory; tecmo will certainly not absent. Today, the glory announced on its official Facebook, TGS ad hoc website has been on the line, and announced the KT club’s participation in the game lineup TGS. Lineup of exhibitors are as follows: host Phyllis Game Studio: Mystery Tour Alchemist (PS4, PSV) – demo, trailer, stage, live wind sword; the Legendary Warriors (PS4, PS3, PSV) – demo, trailer, stage; Blue Reflection: magic dance girl sword (PS4, PSV Trailer) – live, dead or alive; 5: the last battle (PS4, PS3, Xbox, One) – live; dead or alive: beach volleyball 3 (PS4, PSV) – live; under with dream love version Towery lamp (PSV) – Trailer; distant in time and space: 6 wheel slide dance (PSV) – Trailer; night of 2: new moon flowers (PS4, PSV) – married trailer, stage, live; Wang Ren (PS4) – demo, Trailer And stage activities; Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 (PS4, PS3, PC) – live; samurai warriors: Sanada pill (PS4, PS3, PSV) – demo, trailer, stage, live; discuss ghost pass 2 (PS4, PS3, PSV) – stage AKB48 – (mobile phone game activities FP, iOS, Android, PC) – Trailer; Nobunaga’s ambition 201X (iOS, Android, PC, PS, Vita) – Trailer; – letter player (iOS, Android, PC) – Trailer, stage; 1 million people of Nobunaga’s ambition (FP, iOS, Android, PC) – the trailer, stage activities, live 1 million people; the Three Kingdoms (FP, iOS, Android, PC) – Trailer, live; 1 million people race tycoon 2016 (FP, iOS, Android, PC) – Trailer And stage activities, live; discuss ghost pass: Warrior (iOS, Android) – Trailer, stage Post, Winning activities; Institute of her. (iOS, Android), – Trailer, stage, live; in the TGS exhibition, KT service will be broadcast live by YouTube and Niconico, and KT club president Kawa Youchi also released a "surprising" message for the game player who, in the end is what? (source: ali213 editor: DY) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass,.相关的主题文章: