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I get really how to paint makeup makeup makeup difficile true for female stars, sun shine makeup is usually beat popular routines, but like this big breath drying out two cards so close to the lens HD makeup photos are really pretty. In addition to around on both sides of the nose and mouth of the dark, in fact, the makeup of the big also do not have taste. In fact, this is not the first time out of the sun s generous makeup photos, each self makeup s are generous to face the camera, even face some not perfect but also did not affect the color s value, but if you own makeup without too much confidence, but do not want to face the top out daily makeup you have to pay close attention to learn the true or false makeup makeup. And compared the overall makeup. In nude make-up, makeup feeling more rosy, is closer to the original look, in fact, a taste of nude makeup as their own but don’t see the flaws, only bare red collocation, while paying attention to the delicate makeup and thin, in order to create invisible traces of makeup makeup. Fan Bingbing is one of the earliest "makeup makeup", not only self love makeup, even participate in the activities of a large shot also love with makeup Zhuanglai value for their blessing yan. Deposited 700 years a mask Fan Ye skin is really good to say nothing, but if your skin is still dark circles, spots and other issues plagued by the words, you can rely on the quality of the water to save the concealer liquid. Concealer in need to cover the place painted with coating method, and then use the point of making the way to shoot into the skin, then the whole face powder makeup, you can create a modified but still natural skin. Another key element is to take into account the facial makeup look good, so this step can not be omitted or blush, especially skin white girls, more should be used to cover the sense of pale blush. This year’s hot air or liquid blush Blush Powder Blush compared to better integrate into the skin, the amount of control and better. To successfully create a makeup makeup, and make yourself look different, the key is in the eyes of the painting. Whether you are European style big eyes, small or subtle double, you want to create a sense of makeup, can not leave Korean liner. Department of tea beauty Zheng Youmei for us to do a good demonstration, choose dark brown eyeliner or eyeliner, close to the roots of eyelashes painted in thin eyeliner, eye end slightly downward, the inner liner of super pure innocent completed. In fact, makeup makeup does not mean not to draw eye shadow, but in the choice of location and eye shadow colors on the watch. Close to skin color, tea color, pumpkin orange soil could be used as eye shadow makeup makeup safe choice, and the way is very simple, as long as the tile in the eyelids can, do not need to deliberately halo orbit. If you want a more profound point, also can be like Park Shin Hye in silkworm with cold coffee gently dizzy, but be careful not to use excessive. Finally, look at the lip color, with fresh temperament Dongyu Zhou has always been one of the color makeup on behalf of the star, but also for thousands of years but does not change the color of the cream will never go wrong. In addition to the perfect color close to the natural lip color, water and oil like texture makes Dongyu Zhou look lovely of the burst table, covering the lip is also a must. Of course, if your skin is yellow, it is best to choose a little pink lipstick or lip gloss, remember to avoid the super dumb quality lipstick?相关的主题文章: