Tianjin police call 50 year old sanitation workers cheated 1 million 400 thousand-plants war

"Tianjin police" call 50 sanitation workers cheated 1 million 400 thousand original title: "Tianjin police" calls 50 sanitation workers cheated 1 million 400 thousand only because of some "Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau police call said he suspected of" fraud ", the 50 year old Guangdong Foshan sanitation workers Xu uncle cheated sums of money totaling about 1 million 400 thousand yuan. The evening of September 20th, Foshan police informed that the police have filed. At noon on August 24th, Xu uncle received a code for "0757 (Foshan) landline phone". The other claiming to be a courier company, said that I have a package, has been sent 3 times no one, and then can not find people to go back." The other party accurately reported the name of xu. Xu uncle asked what is inside the package, the other said it was a permit in Tianjin opened a credit card. Xu Xu denied, the other said: "it is not good, I help you report." Then he will help the phone will be transferred to a self proclaimed Tianjin Public Security Bureau police on the phone. "At that time," police "promised to help me cancel the card, also gave me a phone number." Xu recalled, he also called the 114 query shows, police to the number is the number of Tianjin public security bureau. See Xu uncle again suddenly hook, and Xu TERT contact on the "police" attitude changed, "he gave me to listen to a recording, then said sternly I suspected a large network of fraud, the amount reached 2 million 370 thousand yuan, is a major national fraud case." The police threatened to Xu uncle frozen property, arrest". In order to win the trust of Xu Shu, man also let Xu uncle to log on to a web site, enter the police of the password, the site displays the "Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate of Xu uncle" wanted ", above the head, Xu uncle’s name, ID number and exact date of birth. In the police promised his innocence, Xu uncle in accordance with the requirements of the other party will own all the assets reported. August 25th, the other side of the phone fraud began to allow Xu inventory assets, realized one by one. He wants me to be able to sell how many, how much to sell, each asset to be reported to the amount of cash." In this way, a tertiary would own shares and real estate, commercial insurance, with 400 thousand yuan of assets on their father here all the cash collateral, a total of about 1 million 400 thousand yuan, more than ten days in several times to other accounts. According to the "Yangcheng Evening News" editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: