Three times, what kind of people can become heroes A martial arts martial

Three times, what kind of people can become heroes? A rogue martial arts culture, the Three Kingdoms period, Yuan Shaohe Cao Cao is the famous Jiangbei separatist warlords. Most people thought that the two first intersection is established in the Han Lingdi Xiyuan eight Xiaowei, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao served as army captain, served as the typical military academy. However, in a book in the Liu Song Dynasty during the period of the "Shishuoxinyu", but described Cao Cao and Yuan Shao young together a story: it is said that two of young people are marrying Ranger, see others secretly hiding in the houses near midnight, shouted a thief. So the bridal chamber and the rest are to cry in the garden, Cao Cao was holding a knife hijacked the bride and Yuan Shao ran together. Figure: Although anecdotes from "bride" that the ancients cognition of these three warlords image it is difficult for us to imagine the day after the two generals all-powerful youth so frivolous. But in fact, in the Three Kingdoms period, Wei Shu Wu three and other separatist forces generals, who is high and low, but most of them had, Zhang Jian Ranger young years go hunting. The so-called hero mowen source, we can also see that a grand feudal lords vying for the throne. The scribe Gao Jie, before the three generals and low turbidity in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the system began to sprout. Although the Western Han Dynasty is Liu Bang with a group of CaoMang set up, but in the Eastern Han Dynasty, famous general Guangwudi Liu Xiu’s side, but the basic is the local respected figure, which is usually called haozu. After the establishment of the Eastern Han Dynasty, in order to strengthen the centralization, consolidate the imperial power and continue to fight against the central and local despots, relatively easy to control and the cultivation of eunuch example, finally makes the formation of paries situation in the imperial court and the eunuch waiqi. And thus they in order to save themselves in the political struggle, it embarked on the path of learning, to let the children learn the Confucian classics and Confucianism as an important condition of bureaucratic recommend. Figure: we usually think of eunuchs and relatives are bad, but not so no confusion forces, the ups and downs are based on absolute power struggle result. In the course of time, the Eastern Han Dynasty appeared "knowledge handed down" the literati class, they basically dominated the main position of central and local governments, who have despised the military, but the lack of knowledge of the general family of children. However, these knowledge, grasp the pen, control the public opinion of scholars, when the ax fly to oneself, but did not actually use what knowledge. Even if the relationship between teachers and students through a partisan, the same can not shake the control of the armed forces and the reins of the dukes and the eunuch dictatorship. Figure: criminal, noble is an officer of high rank, but the face is more close to the center of power of eunuch group, has obviously not accounted for any single cheap cheap. Through on the battlefield, a sword and a spear to blaze a new trail of the generals, but also found that the military and the scribes family knowledge and fame, looked pale and short. To future generations have a high hybrid family seems to be the only scribes this road. As a result, in the civil and military factions of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the paradox as in a "Fortress Besieged": family desperately want to master a scribe, and generals family brains want to be able to squeeze into the scribe class. Most of the Eastern Han Dynasty generals of the family, was born in Liangzhou)相关的主题文章: