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Home-Improvement As of January 2012, an asbestos survey Sydney is a legal requirement for all structures built prior to December 2003. There are many reasons for this, all centred round the health and safety of both the occupants of the building and the surrounding environment. The primary among these reasons include 1) legal obligation for .pliance with current asbestos regulations, 2) assurance of health and safety for the buildings occupants residents, workers, or even visitors and the local environment, and 3) peace of mind for building owners and managers that .es with knowing that the first two obligations have been met to a satisfactory degree. Its the Law If you own or manage any structure .mercial or residential that was built prior to the ban on asbestos of late 2003, you are legally obligated to have an asbestos survey Sydney conducted on that property. A certified asbestos survey Sydney is the first step toward bringing a structure into .pliance with asbestos register regulations. During the survey, all instances even hidden ones of asbestos will be identified and evaluated as to the danger the substance may or may not pose in its current form. If asbestos removal is required at the time, it is mandatory to follow through with this re.mendation. If, on the other hand, the asbestos is found to pose no immediate threat, an asbestos management plan with then be re.mended for maintenance as well as removal in the event of future renovations or other structural disturbances which could potentially release those asbestos fibres into the air. Occupant Safety We now know that asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance with regard to long term human health. Asbestos has now been conclusively linked with serious respiratory ailments, though these conditions can often take years to manifest. An asbestos survey Sydney is a critical step toward ensuring the safety and wellness of everyone who occupies the building, whether that be as a place of residence, a place of employment, or a place one merely visits on occasion. Peace of Mind If your building contains asbestos, which is extremely likely in older structures, you could unwittingly be putting yourself, your family, your employees, your lessees, in danger. Thats quite a burden to bear, especially when there is a simple solution which can deliver the peace of mind that .es with knowing you have done everything you can to prevent this from happening. This kind of peace of mind begins with the simple step of scheduling an asbestos survey Sydney to be conducted on your property. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: