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Acne In Ayurveda, one of the indicators of a healthy body is healthy skin. Hence, any skin disorder is a sign that there is something wrong within. Ayurvedic texts re.mend the use of different herbs to detoxify the body and correct vitiated doshas in order to ultimately solve skin disorders like acne. Ayurvedic herbs have be.e popular for treating different skin disorders and providing a more effective and long-term solution than man-made drugs. While the herbs do not provide instant results, the slow process is known to provide long-lasting results. With proper and continuous Ayurvedic treatment, you should be able to manage your acne problem and prevent breakouts in the future. Understanding Acne the Ayurveda Way Acne is referred to as ‘yuvanpidika’ in Ayurveda, and this Sanskrit term means ‘disease of adolescence’. That said, acne is a .mon skin disorder that also occurs in adults, regardless of their gender. An ayurveda doctor can help you no matter how old you are. Ayurvedic acne treatment is under Kustha, which is divided into ‘easy to treat’ (Kshudrkustha) and ‘hard to treat and chronic’ (Mahakustha). Luckily, it is classified under Kshudrkustha; hence, it is relatively easy to treat. Proper ayurvedic treatment should be able to help you get rid of it. How Ayurveda Helps Clear Pimples It is important to seek ayurvedic acne treatment from reputable Ayurveda practitioners in Melbourne. These experts can teach you the importance of healthy eating habits when it .es to keeping your skin clear and clean . Unlike modern medicine that tends to treat acne and similar skin conditions from outside, Ayurveda treats the condition from within. What you eat and your lifestyle affects your skin. Certified Ayurveda practitioners can re.mend a diet plan that can promote a balance of doshas in your body to minimise and to treat acne. Western doctors typically prescribe strong acne medication that can sometimes have side effects. This is not the case with Ayurveda. The Ayurveda specialist will consider your lifestyle, eating habits, and other health conditions before re.mending natural treatment method. Ayurvedic acne treatment uses herbs that can reduce inflammation, stop bacterial growth, and remove blockage in the hair follicles. An ayurveda specialist may re.mend that you consume certain herbs orally through veggie capsules. Some of the most effective herbs for acne treatment in Ayurveda are turmeric, manjistha, neem, licorice, triphala, and giloy. The practitioner may re.mend detoxification and the use of an ayurvedic face pack, too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: