There’s always your food! The grand track ace and 10 film together eleven — Guangxi c

There’s always your food! The "grand track" "ace" and 10 film together eleven — Guangxi channel — September 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wu Yaxiong) in the film, an important node in each year is the national day of the file. Compared to the past, this year in the National Day film released more. In previous years, the box office point of view, the National Day file released movies, mostly made a good box office results. Such as the 2014 "put heart flower road", National Day harvest 630 million yuan at the box office, the total box office reached 1 billion 5 million yuan; last year the National Archives "," Hong Kong? "Nine layer" and "save the demon tower Wu", the good box office but also gain a good reputation, the "Hong Kong"? It is leveraging the national archives, the box office is locked in a high of 1 billion 613 million yuan. This year’s National Day movie box office can go beyond last year? We will wait and see! As a warm-up, September 29th, "passing from your world" the first exhibition opened in 2016, the national day of the schedule off. "Grand track", "action", "the Mekong ACE ACE" and a total of ten parts with different types of film will have appeared on the big screen. Ten works, there is always one of your dishes! Those who do not want to go on holiday travel friends, the door to see the film, but also a good way to vacation. Source: – entertainment channel     09 2016 30 August 11:13 share to: (commissioning editor Chen Lulu and Pang Guanhua)相关的主题文章: