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UnCategorized If you are looking to make a unique jewelry statement, and want something that will be one of a kind, consider loose colored diamonds. By purchasing a loose colored diamond, you have the ability to make an exceptional artistic statement with the emotional power of color. These diamonds, often called fancy color diamonds, exhibit a wide variety of colors, and .e in almost every shade of the rainbow, from yellow to purple to green. By choosing your diamond first, you will then have the ability to create your own a distinctive jewelry setting that will showcase its beauty. When shopping for your diamonds, keep in mind that most loose colored diamonds have had some sort of treatment, as natural colored diamonds are rare and expensive. You should assume that any affordable loose colored diamond has been treated in some way, usually to enhance the color. Another option is to consider synthetic diamonds from the start, which have been created in a laboratory. Your jeweler should be able to give you .plete information about the origins of your diamonds before you purchase them. Although there are many diamond colors available, yellow is the most .mon, followed by red, blue and green loose colored diamonds. The color is graded on two different factors, the first is the actual hue, such as yellow, or green; and the second is the intensity of that hue. Usually the more vivid the color, the more expensive the loose colored diamonds are. You may be better off with a more .mon color with a vibrant intensity hue. Since color is primarily the main consideration in choosing your colored gemstones, this should be one of your main factors when selecting a diamond. A good cut will also help bring out the most intense color possible, and allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of the stone, since it won’t be camouflaged by its setting. The most popular cuts are round, oval, and princess shapes, which look wonderful in a variety of settings. Most cuts will include any stone inclusions which help to bring out the color in the diamond. Purchasing loose colored diamonds will give you the maximum freedom and flexibility to do what you would like with your stones. Choosing the most appealing cut and color will provide you with many options and settings for your diamonds. Chances are, you will have a .pletely exclusive piece of jewelry that will be admired by many. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: