The twentieth Beijing screenings ended Bai Baihe was outstanding contribution award guitarpro5

The twentieth Beijing show ended Bai Baihe Bai Baihe won the "outstanding contribution award Chinese film international spread of outstanding contribution figures" award "Chinese film Bai Baihe attended the international spread of outstanding contribution for the party as an important platform for entertainment Tencent domestic films explore the overseas market, the twentieth" Beijing show "activities in Xi’an yesterday successfully, and held a" Chinese film of international communication in the evening party in recognition of outstanding contributions ". Bai Baihe was invited to attend the meeting and the general assembly in recognition of the general assembly. "Beijing shows" is Chinese organized by the government to invite foreign investors choose to see the film focused Chinese International Film screenings, jointly organized by the press and Publication Administration of Radio Film Bureau, Shanxi Province Bureau of press and publication, the Xi’an municipal government, including "go out! Jun ", 43 tumors with overseas output potential of the domestic film screenings, invited to more than 40 film companies in nearly 20 countries to see. In order to commend and thank in promoting China film spread overseas, to the international market has made outstanding contributions to the film, collective and individual, the organizing committee has set up a "Chinese movie film, the international spread of outstanding contribution figures outstanding contribution and outstanding contribution to the collective" three honors, Bai Baihe was invited to attend the awards ceremony scene was awarded the "China film the international spread of outstanding contribution award", had won the prize with Jiang Zhiqiang, Jiang Yanming and Jackie Chan people. Bai Baihe accepted the award, said: when it comes to contributions, compared to the hard work of every Chinese film predecessors teacher, I do too little. I think as a new generation of young actors, only more efforts and more positive, always remind yourself not to forget the beginning of the heart will not be left with regret in such a prosperous Chinese film era!" Then she also expressed to the backstage every hero is gratitude, love and trust them to let her have the opportunity to join the film works best in those years, for the promotion and dissemination of China film contributing. Finally, she stressed that they will continue to work hard to accept this honor today.相关的主题文章: