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UnCategorized What is it that makes up true winners in the NBA? No, it’s not pure heart, because if so, Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat would have made it all the way. It’s also not just about having the perfect offense, because then, Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets would have made it passed the conference finals. Not even is it about having arguably the games most dynamic player, because the Cleveland Cavaliers sure would have made it through. Blogger of NBA action, Sherman Mazur, picked two teams-one with the best offense, the other with the best superstar, to meet in the finals: The Denver Nuggets versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. Both however, were trounced by their rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Orlando Magic, respectively. A lot of people picked the Lakers and Magic to win it all during the season, but both teams faltered along the way. For the most part during the playoffs, their performances were less than convincing, making a lot of people doubters in their ability to go all the way. This is the first characteristic of true winners: resiliency. Never mind what others say, it’s about what you and your team can do, what you know you can do, despite all the pressures and challenges throughout the season. You can have all the heart, determination, and resiliency you want, but you also need balance. This balance is a balance of talent and chemistry, both of which the Lakers and Magic have. An oft-underappreciated characteristic that winners possess is support. Be it directly from your bench, or from the fans, support is that extra energy or boost when odds seem stacked against you and your team. This explains why one-man teams are never successful. Basketball is a team sport. With the level of .petition in the National Basketball Association, no single individual can carry a team and win a championship by himself. Not even the greatest basketball player could do this alone. Another important characteristic is maturity. Different from age, maturity is knowing how to act under pressure. It is never losing one’s .posure, always being ready to make the right plays during the right situations; when to pass, when to shoot, when to call timeouts, and when to foul to stop a play from happening. However, it is not just about what you do, but also how you react when something is done to you in the context of the basketball game. It is not retaliating when fouled hard by an opponent, or not giving in to temptation to elbow someone back after he has elbowed you. Maturity is ultimately setting an example on the court, and being a leader through your actions. In the end, true winners are not the strongest or most popular teams. True winners are the solid teams who understand each other and play well together. True winners are not born of formed overnight in the NBA-they are made. With a mix of scorers and defenders, superstars and role players, coaches and staff, true winners play an effective and successful brand of basketball. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: