The security of the reporter Carina Lau ordered to apologize, spit slobber 3344111

The security of the reporter Carina Lau ordered to apologize to spit slobber, Carina Lau Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hongkong actress Carina Lau [micro-blog] debut 30 years, 20 years of long-distance love 2008 and Tony Leung [micro-blog] married, feeling sweet stability. The past few days, Xi Hongkong jewelry brand ribbon starts become the attention focal point, unexpectedly, to protect her security scene soared swearing in here, let the scene become quite embarrassing. According to Hongkong media reports, Carina Lau dressed in a black dress elegant appearance, but the scene into many lovers, give her a bit of security told reporters and unable to resist sustain the blows, spit slobber, burst foul cursed, "I want you to spit the water", so the scene is completely out of control. Security rude behavior, so that the scene into a mess, so that Carina Lau can not afford to see, in addition to the cordial reception of all visits, but also asked the staff to apologize to the security. On the other hand, Carina Lau said in an interview, I will mention love jewelry collection, buy to reward yourself in a special day will, Tony Leung will continue to give her husband, "I love all the way he chose the type, does not care about the price, but his mind." Once Tony Leung saw her love filming in Europe, antique jewelry, but also to buy back to send his wife, quite sweet. (ETToday) (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: