The real estate industry ushered in the new season to candy boy

The real estate industry usher in a new "big brother" to the real estate arena from the replacement of the protagonist, the bright younger generation beyond the old brother summit, the industry caused a sensation. October 10th, Hengda released sales briefing in September, the cumulative sales of 280 billion 600 million this year, becoming the world’s first housing prices. The successful counter attack the title hidden behind what kind of necessity? Growth: three years of reconstruction of the two hundred billion enterprise data show that the first quarter of the Hengda achieved sales of 280 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 117.9%, ranking first in the industry. Even the further extension of the time span, Hengda growth is still significantly more than vanke. Since listing in 2015 to 2009, Hengda sales grew by 30% over the past two years up to more than 50%. Not only sales, Hengda other core indicators of growth in a leading position. 2009 so far, Hengda total assets, operating income, net profit, cash balance increased 15 times, respectively, 24 times, 16 times, 15 times. "Like three years to rebuild the two billion enterprises." Insiders pointed out that Hengda reached the scale of one hundred billion, which increased from 100 billion to only use the past 2 years of 200 billion. It is worth noting that, for the first time since 2013 to break billion to achieve 280 billion 600 million in the first year of this year, in September, its sales increased by nearly 2 times. Core: believe in philosophy of water, only 20 years, will be a small company of only about seven or eight people to make a monthly sales of nearly 300 billion of the world’s first housing prices in the first half of the world. Behind the miracle, Hengda strategy, management, products and other advantages of the chemical role, analysts believe that. As everyone knows, Hengda since its inception just need to adhere to the line, through strict quality engineering standards and strong cost control, to achieve high-quality products, high cost, and the implementation of the national implementation of the whole building and the only hardcover no reason to return a house move, greatly boost the confidence of buyers, this is Hengda can quickly seize the just need to market an important reason. As the famous financial observer Qin Shuo said, Hengda is the philosophy of tap water believers. Hengda product strategy is characterized by the construction of popular boutique residential, and through dynamic adjustment, and constantly optimize the product mix and regional structure. Just as Konosuke Matsushita "tap water philosophy" in "excellent quality, can buy the commodity price for consumers, like tap water Everfount to provide customers with out". Therefore, in all of its products, the middle and high-end accounted for 85%, high-end tourism and holiday products accounted for 15%. Such a structure to protect the volume and price Qi excellent, but also the key to its industry first. Hengda always adhere to the people’s livelihood business philosophy, fit the needs of the people, so as to win the majority just need the market. With a short span of 20 years, it quickly became the first in the industry to provide a successful example for the rapid development of Chinese enterprises in the new situation." The analyst added. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: