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The more the number of the same, the greater the chance of pregnancy? Sohu well prepared many maternal pregnant couples, in order to increase the chances of pregnancy, increase sexual intercourse frequency, think more, the chances of pregnancy will be higher. Is this the right way to do so? And so on the small series will give you the answer. In fact, the same number of more frequent but not easy to conceive. Because the same frequency is too high, will cause the male semen volume reduced and sperm density decreased, even ejaculated sperm or immature sperm, can combine with the egg, thus reduces the chances of conceiving. Frequent female psychological pressure, affecting ovulation. In order to make frequent sex, will also affect women’s ovulation. For women who produce specific immune response, if too frequent contact with her husband’s semen, easy to stimulate the body to produce anti sperm antibodies, so that the action of the sperm blocked, thus affecting the combination of eggs. Within the general conception is discharged from the ovary in the egg after 15 to 18 hours, the egg survival time was two days, while the other time with low probability of pregnancy or not. If you want to get pregnant, it should increase the frequency of intercourse in the ovulation period, so the chances of pregnancy will be great. 4 necessary conditions for pregnancy: 1, the man can produce a healthy and active sperm, and can be discharged into the woman’s vagina. 2, sperm into the vagina, can maintain the ability to move, and through the cervix and uterine cavity, to reach the fallopian tube and egg. 3, the woman can discharge the sound of the egg, the egg into the fallopian tube, get the opportunity to meet with sperm. 4, the fertilized egg must arrive at the uterine cavity in time, and the environment of the uterine cavity is suitable for the growth of the fertilized egg. The purpose of contraception is to artificially inhibit ovulation, prevent the combination of the egg and sperm, or the fertilized eggs can not be implanted in the uterus and growth. If this is successful, in the same room after 8-11 days, can be in the hospital for blood HCG examination to determine whether pregnancy. Fast pregnant woman to meet the conditions of 1, normal ovulation. Women of childbearing age have two ovaries, normal mature ovum per month, egg row to the pelvic fallopian tube was picked up into the fallopian tube, the female line around the time of ovulation in the menstrual cycle of fourteenth to 15 days, 14 days from the next time before menstruation, the egg has about 16 to survive 24 hours. 2. The hormone secreted by the ovary to maintain the growth of the egg and embryo. Eggs are needed for the development of ovarian secretion of estrogen after ovulation, nutrition, ovarian corpus luteum formation can secrete progesterone in early pregnancy is critical to the maintenance of. 3, the woman’s cervix to normal. If the cervical inflammation, cervical mucus is sticky, sperm is not easy to enter. Only the health of the cervix, cervical mucus in the ovulation period, the platoon becomes clear, to drill into the sperm cervical mucus, and stored in the cervical canal, a batch release, swim to the uterine cavity. 4, the woman fallopian tube to unobstructed, normal function. Only in this way, in order to make sperm and eggs can be met in the tube fertilization, and the embryo to the uterine cavity: the fallopian tube umbrella can collect pelvic fluid相关的主题文章: