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The market is betting that the Fed does not raise interest rates to A shares fall boots to break the deadlock Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my reporter Yang Fan the Fed meeting on interest rates anticipated you, Beijing on Thursday (September 22nd) 02:00 the Fed interest rate decision will be announced. The market is generally expected the Fed will raise interest rates, but will halt the troops and wait, the statement may signal future rate hike. If as the mainstream market outlook is expected, after the Federal Reserve interest rate boots landing, A shares market will enter a relatively stable period, deadlock or break. The market that the Fed will not raise interest rates the Fed meeting on interest rates over a period of two days, in Beijing on Thursday (September 22nd) at the 2:00 interest rate decision announcement, the latest economic expectations, President Yellen held a press conference in 2:30. For investors, in September ushered in a golden autumn season, belongs to the Fed’s "sleepless night". The Fed will not raise interest rates? If this does not increase interest rates, when the interest rate hike? If the interest rate hike, the impact on all types of assets? Although as of press time reporter, there is no result of the Federal Reserve interest rate, but according to the survey, the market generally believe that the probability of interest rate hike this month is very small. The current market bet the Fed rate hike in September was only 20%, the probability of interest rate hike in December nearly 60%. The latest survey also showed that 90% of respondents said that the Fed will be September, most economists expect the fed to halt the troops and wait, will be delayed until December to raise interest rates. CICC expects the fed to raise interest rates in September. The most important is because in July FOMC meeting, the Fed did not change the forward-looking guidance of interest rate (according to the consistent principle, the Fed interest rate hike before the actual market to strengthen communication will advance to modify the FOMC statement in the interest rate guidance, the fourth time the wording, and the end of July) the United States has a mixed economic data (data not to be good to break this principle). At present, the federal benchmark interest rate futures prices implied interest rate hike in September was only 24%. The latest survey shows that only 11.3% of the investors in September will be expected to raise interest rates, so if the rate hike in September it will be a huge surprise, which will cause huge impact principle — with the Federal Reserve on the market. The special point of the conference is that, between September and two, the United States will elect its forty-fourth president in history: Trump or MR Hilary, the president of the United states. In addition to the economic factors, the meeting also accounted for a considerable proportion of political factors. It is expected that if the Fed released in Japan policy resolution several hours after the decision to raise interest rates, investors will be surprised. Analysts believe that once the Fed rate hike again press the button, the global stock market will probably face fell risk recently from the increased risk appetite of investors in emerging markets benefited more will suddenly face the pressure of capital outflow. A shares for the FOMC boots landing near Thursday’s fed meeting on interest rates, A stock market trading increasingly cautious, the continuation of the downturn trend index. In front of all the main landing boots will not rush under the heavy note, so yesterday is a consolidation theory相关的主题文章: