The man who robbed the debt back stabbed each other hospital vice president jailed for 10 years – th

The man who robbed the debt back stabbed each other hospital vice president jailed for 10 years – the Sohu news in November 19th last year, the underground garage in Fengtai District Yihai Garden knife robbery occurred, a Xuanwu hospital vice president by a man with a knife stabbed in the underground garage, after the suspect Lee confessed to the police that he is due to debt pressure and premeditated robbery. Recently, Lee robbery was Dongcheng court sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and fined twenty thousand yuan. Lee apologized to the victim in court, saying the hope to the harsh conditions of the place to prison reform. Last November 19th at 6 am, Fengtai District Yihai Garden underground garage with a knife wounding case occurred. Subsequently, a female victim was rushed to the hospital in Xuanwu. It is reported that the injured is a vice president of Xuanwu hospital wang. At that time, Wang arrived at their own parking spaces, was suddenly a man with a knife stabbed, injured after Wang he reported to the police, emergency personnel rushed to the scene, found on the scene to rescue her chest, abdomen and shoulder multiple was stabbed and blood loss. After the incident, Wang told the police, stabbed her to be a male. Wang was sent to Xuanwu hospital for treatment, after surgery out of danger. After the suspect Lee was arrested, he confessed that he was due to the pressure of debt and premeditated robbery. It is understood that this year, 40 year old Lee before the incident is a subsidiary of the insurance company Beijing branch. The court found, November 19, 2015 6 am, Lee was planned in Fengtai District Yihai Garden Fu Chak Park three floors underground garage, with a knife to rob the victim Wang, Wang to stop the rebellion, Lee Wang chest, abdomen and other multiple injuries after escape, causing Wang hematopneumothorax (right) lung injury, right retroperitoneal hematoma, the identification of body injury was seriously injured two, disability rating of nine. Lee was arrested in November 30, 2015 by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Fengtai branch criminal investigation detachment. Trial, Lee accused the facts of the indictment and charges no objection, no excuse. His counsel that the defendant Lee truthfully confessed the crime, confession, repentance, first offense, and actively compensate the victims to obtain the understanding of victims, suggested that the collegiate bench for a lighter punishment. The court held that Lee disregard the law, for the purpose of illegal possession, use of violent means to rob citizens property, causing serious injury, their behavior violated the citizen’s personal rights and property rights, constituted the crime of robbery, should be punished according to law. In view of Lee truthfully confessed crimes, to actively compensate the victims of economic losses and get the understanding of victims, be given a lighter punishment according to law. Finally, the court of first instance to Lee guilty of robbery and sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $20 thousand. Text newspaper reporter Li Tiezhu相关的主题文章: