The Kuomintang will have 100 million rent deposit paid salary can temporarily ease the crisis 519697

The Kuomintang will have 100 million rent deposit paid   salary can temporarily ease the crisis of Party – Taiwan Channel – on 10 October, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the salary account was frozen, September salary indefinitely delayed, causing dissatisfaction with the party. Party sources, recently there will be the sum of one hundred million yuan (NT, the same below) cash income, outstanding party workers in September and October to determine the salary, salary payment. The line will have confirmed that the money will be recorded. The line pipe will explain, the sum of one hundred million yuan in cash, the party is streamlined, "surrender" of the Zhang Rongfa foundation, the old central party office to retrieve the deposit. Is it used to pay Party work? The tube will say, of course, hope to solve the problem of salary". Party for the convenor Zhan Qixian recently to the party propaganda work, will soon start including lending and fundraising activities, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of all. The board will say that this represents the salary should be expected to release in October. The salary account and payment by cheque Bank of Taiwan will freeze the assets, affect the party workers salary schedule. The end of September announced that the party workers wages delayed, also hope the party workers together to take to the streets to protest against the big pathos, but will lead to dissatisfaction with the party workers. The party to the party said the current political donations account, about seventy-six million yuan of movable support, membership dues of about twelve million yuan has also been put on the Central Party led when the "administrative allowance", the party in administrative expenses as an excuse not to send Party salary, justified". Party workers and questioned the financial difficulties, why has been hiring new people? The line pipe will explain that the local party escrow funds thirty-one million yuan deducted seventy-six million yuan, twenty million yuan, accounts payable, dynamic branch amount of only twenty-five million yuan, but the central party operation fee, a month to about three million yuan, "the party base really fast money". As for the new recruits, line said since Hong Xiuzhu Zhi Jiu took office at the beginning of the month, retired party workers sixty-six people, leaving forty-nine people, new recruits have Yibainianyi people, but many are volunteers or about recruits. The Kuomintang line tube Council Chairman Li Fuxuan said, as long as to find a solution to solve the problem as soon as possible a certain party workers salary. Party sources, the Party group really recently came "aid" message, look for the subsequent development of optimism. Senior party admitted that many party workers family has been stretched, if at the end of October is no salary, really "riots". Party sources said, before the end of October, the Central Party committee office old rent deposit revenue, in October nine, party a salary shall be issued, if appropriate collocation other payment scheduling, stay to the end of the year should be no danger, then, can be connected to the next party cash subsidies. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: