The French band changed its name to Trump don’t want to be associated with it-x3210

The French Orchestra for name with the name of Trump: do not want to have its original title: name associated with the name of Trump French Orchestra: don’t want its associated [global network reporter Zhao Yizhen reported: according to Radio France international November 15th quoted Agence France-Presse reported that French electronic rock named "Trumps" of the Orchestra in November 14th local time, said in a statement, because do not want with us president elect Barack Trump have any relationship, so the fans to recruit new band name. The band, which was formed in 2014, said in a statement on Facebook that they wanted to avoid any connection with the controversial Tycoon (Trump), so openly asked fans to suggest a new name. The stage name of Jim (Jim) said the lead singer, the band’s image gradually intensified when the election began in the United states. They don’t want to be associated with this guy and don’t want to be considered to be selling any politics. Some fans suggested that the band changed its name to "The Hillarys" or "The LePens", referring to Bon, the Democratic candidate for the United States, and France’s far right leader, Marina, and President of the. But according to the local news station Poitou blue Radio France, the name of Trump and the orchestra will in December changed its name to "strange zoo" (Odd Zoo). Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: