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The final WESG DAY3:Astralis Europe out of regret, Serbia — who make the mare go original title: game finals WESG DAY3:Astralis Europe out of regret, Serbia emperor WESG finals in Europe make the mare go through the brutal group phase and the name of the 2,3 knockout round of 32 places, the global finals have been released, Astralis the emperor of Serbia, out of regret Beastyqt strong breakout are enough to give the audience a surprise, but the team had already qualified players have no slack, the events of brilliant, competitive level is significantly improved, it seems everybody cares not just WESG to qualify for the world finals. Let’s look back at some of the best games of the year! The finals of euro area DAY4 broadcast information: today we will bring you to the audience the semi-finals of the European finals last live matches, although the promotion of the global finals list has been settled, but the game will continue, the strongest European name, let us know in the afternoon live together! Schedule: CS:GO and DOTA2:10 in the afternoon of 9 March 15:30 StarCraft II and hearthstone legend: in the afternoon of October 9th 16:00 began to explain the lineup: hearthstone legend: Xiaoran, Hulu, Berry, CS:GO: small Xin Aihua, Xixi, diyy, wavelet melon, StarCraft II: small color, Cloudy, iA, Cyan, RushCrazy, DOTA2:YUNO the wind, memory, SDN, a small plane broadcast address: TV (https: topic wesg standard TV (http: static) by act wesg (TV)? Roomid=5258077) panda live broadcast (Huya (excellent cool Betta live team project main stage (Betta live Team Project Deputy stage (Betta live personal project main stage (Betta live individual deputy project The stage (* with schedule information please see: schedule CAF o CS:GO: Flusha "dog" Savior will qualify for the quarterfinals of eight teams will qualify all world finals team Sweden "dog" GODSENT during the group phase in B group today has second Astralis was made a head package, they in the first map to dust2 the disparity in the score 5:16 defeat, whether or not Pinqiang go to play its level; to fight Mirage, the situation has not changed, only the first half GODSENT behind 11 points, nearly one foot on the plane back from Kiev)相关的主题文章: