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Business The British government regularly conducts survey in order to understand the different trends in the present immigration system. The survey involves in-depth interviews with approximately 3,000 respondents from different parts of the kingdom or even outside the kingdom. This study covers a plethora of important aspects including politics, the environment, the European Union, crime and many more. No wonder, the UK immigration findings remain the most south after. All such surveys are meant to reduce the net migration to the UK to the ‘tens of thousands’ and surprisingly, it has even .e into effect. The detailed findings of the survey well reflect the toughening attitude of the law makers towards immigration, which is bliss for the economy for its own obvious reasons. The various strict findings include the total percentage of respondents who would like to see immigration levels reduce and those who will expect it to rise. Many people believe that the cultural impact of immigration is not much fruitful for people of the country as it may influence their style and way of living in a great manner. At the same time, a great chunk of people are believed to have neutral views on the multiple effects of immigration on the society. The results are always unsurprising given to the ongoing trends in immigration industry. Experts of the industry believe that the flow of migrants into Britain over the past 15 years has been the largest in its history till date and is expected to grow the same way if strict measures are not implemented. In the rolling years, the general public has reacted in a harsh manner and has demanded for a reduction in migration rate. The increasingly negative views about the cultural and economic sectors remain the sole concern of all these people. If reports are to be believed, hordes of people have flocked in the UK without scrutiny and regardless of their actual intentions. Earlier it was predicted that only 12,000 people a year would enter the country; however the current number is just beyond expectations. Many believe that it is not actually the numbers that is concern; rather it is the quality of immigrants that catches the fancy of governing bodies. The government is trying hard to implement laws by which only those people will be given migration permit who prove to be an asset for the kingdom. People should prove that they have exceptional skills which will play a great part in contributing to the economy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: