The eighth session of the Beijing chrysanthemum Cultural Festival opened World Park to create candle june

The opening of the eighth session of the   Beijing chrysanthemum Festival; world Portugal park to create tens of thousands of square meters of flowers — Environmental Protection — original title: the eighth session of the Beijing chrysanthemum Cultural Festival World Portugal Park create tens of thousands of square meters flower field Beijing Beijing on 11 September, (reporter Yu Lixiao) Eighth Beijing chrysanthemum festival in Beijing this weekend to Shunyi International Flower Port and Yanqing World Exposition grapes at the same time opening. More than 1000 varieties, nearly one million pots of chrysanthemums and more than 20 characteristics of chrysanthemum culture activities, bring a colorful chrysanthemum feast for the public. Rose and chrysanthemum is the city flower of Beijing. From the beginning of 2009, the chrysanthemum festival held in Beijing so far, has successfully held eight sessions. Chrysanthemum festival held this time from September 10th to November 20th. Unlike in previous years, the chrysanthemum Festival New World wine expo garden, launched the international flower port, Beihai Park, world flower garden, Beijing botanical garden, Tiantan Park, flowers and trees, gardening experience center, the world exposition grapes seven exhibition, the distribution of the city’s major parks, which can meet the different needs of people leisure autumn flowers. The exhibition area has its own characteristics, this year, the world’s largest grape expo garden exhibition area, carefully designed a huge flower field of tens of thousands of square meters, not only the exhibition area, the exhibition of chrysanthemum varieties are particularly rich. The exhibition will also in 2019 World Expo and the 2022 Winter Olympics into which the contents, embodies the "add to the world park, for the Winter Olympics glory" theme. Another large area is the Beijing International Flower Port, the room outreach and indoor exhibition combined. Outdoor exhibition to "dream garden" as the theme, Chrysanthemum morifolium flower color collocation of all kinds of flowers, the formation of shock wave at sight; indoor exhibition "chrysanthemum world famous" as the theme, looking at the flowers while highlighting the unique cultural charm of chrysanthemum. According to the International Flower Port responsible person, in the outdoor exhibition area planted all kinds of flowers of 81 species, planting area of 100 thousand square meters, the main display of 4 series and more than 1200 kinds of Dahlia pinnata and various art boutique chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, with 42 varieties of colored flower. In order to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, the chrysanthemum culture of China will be integrated with the national culture. International Flower port for the first time to carry out the activities of the characteristics of the national wind, allowing visitors to understand the national culture, experience ethnic customs, feel the charm of the nation. In addition, Beihai Park and chrysanthemum city jointly organized activities, and chrysanthemum appraisal; World garden flower art exhibition Juzhan to focus on the art of origami, China knot, Chinese tea Chinese traditional culture elements, and parades in the form of the exhibition. Not only increased the number of rare species of Chrysanthemum in Beijing botanical garden, and the flowering regulation technology, extend the chrysanthemum flower, the flower show time longer than ever, more abundant variety show. The chrysanthemum flowers company garden center and home gardening combine to attract the public participation. Tiantan park according to their original culture and heritage, a comprehensive display of daliju chrysanthemum varieties, such as chrysanthemum, other shapes, unique; chrysanthemum also carried out lectures and flowers production and other activities. (end) (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: