The ECB is still at the beginning of September will at least loose weapons to extend the QE-oboni

The ECB is still at the beginning of September will at least loose weapons to extend the QE U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Huitong warrants net 30 hearing – the British exit in the impact of the global financial market at the same time, also deepen the market for the central bank’s monetary policy worry; but then central banks have introduced the corresponding policy (UK cut interest rates and expanding the amount of wide, Japan to expand the size of the debt purchase etc.), and makes the market believe that the global central bank did not run out of ammunition and food supplies. In addition, the market is also expected, the European Central Bank meeting in September 8th will at least the promise of more quantitative easing (QE) period. A British exit to remind investors that global central bank has not yet run out of ammunition and food supplies UBS wealth management chief investment officer of global Mark Haefele said on Tuesday that the British referendum from the European Union have a good side, immediate reaction to the Bank of England remind investors: central banks and ammunition. Haefele said in a telephone interview that the central bank’s tactics were still effective; he was referring to the British central bank’s easing actions to boost the global risk appetite after the British referendum; he believed that Britain had provided an opportunity for the UK to improve the economy. At the same time, Haefele also holds a neutral view on the pound, and predicts that the pound will be around 1.28 after 6 months, and the exchange rate will be driven by political factors. The European Central Bank is expected to at least commitment to extend the QE to March 2017 Merrill Lynch said days, the European central bank must not wait until December meeting and following the action; doves full after the July meeting, facing the high expectations of macroeconomic data and the market is still weak, the ECB is expected in September 8th meeting at least promised QE extension after March 2017. The bank also pointed out that although the ECB easing stance caused by support and pay more attention to the potential negative impact, but we think that the communication mechanism and still achieve the inflation target commitment. Expected the ECB may extend the QE to September 2017 while HSBC analyst Karen Ward et al, also wrote in the report, the European inflation is still lower than the European Central Bank, the European Central Bank in September 8th meeting "at least" quantitative easing policy need to extend the time of 6 months, until September 2017. Ward also pointed out that with the risk of further negative interest rates troubled European banks, extend QE time is the European Central Bank "only option"; in view of the next year the euro zone’s referendum and elections to be held, reduce the cost of government debt, the continuing expansion of financial governance is essential. The euro is unlikely to reach parity, difficult in the 0.90 firm BofA analyst Kamal Sharma wrote in a report, even taking into account the British exit this factor, the euro is unlikely to parity, because even during the financial crisis, the pair are rarely able to stand in the 0.90 pounds above. Sharma also pointed out that the pound may further weaken, but the euro against the pound will be difficult to stand 0.90; and U.S. silver analysis showed that the euro against the pound is facing upward pressure of 3

欧央行仍有宽松武器 9月初至少将延长QE期限 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   汇通网30日讯 ― 英国脱欧在给全球金融市场带来冲击的同时,也加深了市场对全球各央行货币政策的担忧;但此后各国央行相继出台相应政策(英国降息与扩大量宽,日本扩大购债规模等),又使得市场相信全球央行并未弹尽粮绝。此外市场还预计,欧央行在9月8日会议上至少将会承诺延长量化宽松(QE)期限。   英国脱欧提醒投资者,全球央行还未弹尽粮绝   瑞银财富管理全球首席投资官Mark Haefele周二称,英国公投脱离欧盟有好的一面,英国央行的即刻反应及时地提醒了投资者:各国央行还有弹药。   Haefele接受电话采访还称,各国央行的战术仍有效;他指的是在英国公投后,英国央行的宽松行动提振了全球风险偏好,他认为英国脱欧为英国提供了一个改善经济的机会。   同时Haefele还对英镑持中性看法,预测英镑兑美元6个月后在1.28左右,该汇率将受到政治因素驱动。   预计欧央行至少承诺延长QE期限至2017年3月   美银美林日内表示,欧洲央行绝不能等到12月会议再行动;且继鸽派十足的7月会议后,面对着仍疲软的宏观经济数据及市场的高预期,预计欧央行在9月8日会议上至少承诺将QE期限延长至2017年3月后。   美银还指出,尽管欧央行愈加注意支持宽松立场所致潜在负面影响,但我们认为其沟通机制仍与实现通胀目标的承诺相符。   预期欧央行可能延长QE期限至2017年9月   同时汇丰分析师Karen Ward等人日内也在报告中写道,欧洲通胀仍低于欧央行的目标,欧央行9月8日开会时“起码”需延长量化宽松政策时间6个月,直至2017年9月。   Ward还指出,随着更进一步负利率的风险困扰着欧洲银行业,延长量化宽松政策实施时间是欧央行“唯一的选择”;鉴于未来一年欧元区有公投和选举要举行,降低政府的偿债成本,持续扩张财政至关重要。   欧元兑英镑不太可能触及平价,难在0.90站稳   美银分析师Kamal Sharma在一份报告中写道,即便考虑到英国脱欧这一因素,欧元兑英镑也不太可能升至平价,因为即便是在金融危机期间,该货币对也很少能在0.90英镑上方站稳。   Sharma还指出,英镑可能进一步走软,但欧元兑英镑将难以站稳0.90;且美银的分析显示,导致欧元兑英镑面临上行压力的原因已大体得到修正,在某些情况下英镑兑欧元被低估了。 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章: