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The Chinese Congo witnessed (gold) riots: store serious losses to go out – Sohu news said some local Chinese shops suffered heavy losses in Congo (DRC) government spokesman Richmond said that opposition demonstrators trying to provoke a "civil war", the protesters have destruction, looting, murder, police brutality, trying to disrupt public order and destroy the country’s economic order. In Congo (gold) business shop Liu Wei (a pseudonym) to accept the international online reporter said in a telephone interview, the Ndjili Chinese shops are the most serious vandalism area, many Chinese shops ten minutes were looted, the scene is a mess. He had a classmate to do wholesale business in Ndjili, all of the goods are robbed, expected losses of up to 1 million yuan. His cousin shops in Ndjili, and all the goods were looted, lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Liu Wei said, because his shop is far away from the riot area, so temporarily unaffected. However, there are 19 people on the street in front of the door of his home, moving a large stone blocking the road, ready to make trouble, but fortunately the police arrived in time to disperse the crowd ready to make trouble. "It was really scared. We are now afraid to go out, even to eat is called out to buy local friends." Liu Wei expressed the hope that the affected businesses will be able to receive financial compensation, I hope the riots subsided earlier. According to Liu Wei introduction, Congo (gold) the capital of Kinshasa in January 2015 has experienced serious riots. At that time because of dissatisfaction with the government on the grounds of opposition registration made to the presidential election date postponed the decision to the population, opposition protests and boycotts, and caused a huge uproar, criminals and thugs while fire vandalism, more than and 40 Chinese shops were robbed, and 3 people were injured in the riots. According to Chinese in Congo (DRC) Embassy website information, the China in Congo (gold) the total number of Chinese funded institutions and overseas Chinese about 7000 people, including Chinese funded institutions, about 4000 people, mainly engaged in foreign aid, project contracting and investment cooperation projects. Overseas Chinese businessmen about 3000 people, mainly engaged in trade, processing and catering industry. More than 100 Chinese compatriots was taken from the dangerous area China in Congo (DRC) embassy announced that at 19, a number of Chinese shops were smashed and looted some of them trapped, no casualties. Consulate General of the Chinese Embassy called for the transfer of dangerous areas to safe areas.相关的主题文章: