Thai tourists in Seoul by a strange old woman stabbed into the body with a syringe antik

Thai tourists in Seoul is strange South Korean woman impales her original title with a syringe: Thailand tourists travel in Seoul was a strange woman in Korea pierce the body was bound tourists and needle [global network reporter Yu Pengfei reported  ] with a syringe in the back; according to Thailand’s "world news" reported on September 19th, 1 Thailand 18 users in the social network exposes to Korea Tourism scary experience, the netizen said, 16, at about 5 in the morning, he took the high speed train in Seoul station to Inchon airport, was behind the syringe stab into the body. The netizen said, when many passengers waiting for the elevator on the high-speed train when the elevator opened, he first entered the elevator, back with an old woman, suddenly felt back was something sharp thorns, very pain, that is a thief, he immediately turned to see, only to see out of the elevator with behind him the old woman, a syringe fell on the ground, his girlfriend want to chase her, but he stopped, then he and his girlfriend with a syringe to the train station police for help. The netizen’s girlfriend added, the day of the incident, they tried to check the train station surveillance video, but was told by a number of departments can agree, plus the day coincided with the Korean Embassy in South Korea Thailand holidays, holidays, and have to catch a plane, not to pursue the matter to stay in South korea. Because of concerns about the syringe contains unknown drugs, will cause the disease, she and her boyfriend went back to Bangkok immediately went to the hospital to check the body, and injected tetanus drugs and prevention of AIDS drugs. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: