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UnCategorized Kids are busier today than they have ever been. Between demanding school schedules, extracurricular activities, work, and studying, finding time to add driving classes is a challenge. This is one of the best reasons to find a course for driver’s ed online. Fitting in Another Activity When your first teen arrives at the fateful day that they are old enough to consider a learner’s permit, it is a bittersweet moment. On one hand, if you can get them licensed, you don’t have to drive them everywhere anymore. On the other hand, the idea of your "baby" out on the road with all those "maniacs" is enough to give any parent pause. Top that ambivalence off with the need to fit more activities into an already packed schedule, and suddenly, taking charge of the instruction yourself makes a great deal of sense. When driver’s ed takes place at home, you control when the activity occurs. You are no longer tied to the arbitrary schedule determined by the local driving school. No One Cares About Your Teen More Than You Parent-taught driver’s education ensures that the person who is most concerned about your teen being a good driver is the one in control – you. Although there are many advantages to a private driving school, the fact remains that their goal is to get as many kids in and out as fast as possible. If a teen doesn’t excel at something, it doesn’t matter much to them, as long as they pass their test. You, as the parent, see things differently. If your teen struggles with a particular aspect of driving, whether it is theoretical or practical, you will keep working on that skill until your teen has mastered it. You won’t send your teen out into the world not knowing how to park well, how to change lanes properly or how to recognize all street signs. In the driving school world, an 80 percent is a passing grade. In the parental world, standards are higher. If your teen’s driving was likely to cause an accident two times out of ten, there’s no way you would allow them to drive independently. Replace Fear With Confidence There are some teens that take to driving like ducks to water. The rest fall somewhere else on the spectrum, between terrified and apprehensive. For those children, parental involvement is even more important. Turn driver’s education into an opportunity to bond with your teen. The knowledge that you are providing a .plete online curriculum that covers all aspects of a driver’s education means you don’t need to worry that you forgot something critical. Working through the materials systematically provides you with a focused time with your teen that can be intimate and fun. As you work together, on both the .puter and in the car, you will be able to watch your teen be.e a confidant, safe driver, before you let them take their license exam. Even better, you will know that you have given them all the tools to make the best decisions on the road. Taking your teen’s driver’s ed online allows you to take as much time as you need, and still provides you with a great driver’s education. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: