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Stunned! See all of this crude oil market volatility so far this year, the international crude oil futures price volatility, intraday price often change radically, worries about. But what is more worrying is that there is no sign of a slowdown yet. Let’s give you a new example. Yesterday (16) afternoon, the oil exporting countries (OPEC) some member countries and Russia is held in Doha "oil conference" after the news came out, Brent crude oil futures prices rose 6.12%, broke through $35 barrels. WTI oil price up 5.6%. But in the evening, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Qatar, Russia agreed to freeze production in January 11th, after the announcement of the level, the international oil prices plunged, WTI oil prices erased more than 5% of the previous increase, fell below 30 U.S. dollars barrels. The following figure is the actual volatility of oil prices: the CBOE volatility index (CBOE Crude Oil Volatility Index), which tracks the implied volatility of crude oil options, has climbed to its highest level since March 2009. Over the past two months, the international oil price has changed steadily since the middle of the year 2014, and volatility has increased significantly, and soared to the highest level in seven years. For investors, compared with the current price at the lowest level in more than 10 years, oil prices in the days and let them more pain — long and short turns to. With the surge in volatility, crude oil futures trading volume is also surging. WTI crude oil futures climbed to the highest level in 11 days this month, reaching 1 million 790 thousand. "The WTI turnover has set a new record," said Citi Futures Perspective energy analyst Tim Evans. "There are many oil futures positions on the market. A lot of money is chasing oil prices." The news factor is clearly not enough to explain why the crude oil market has been so volatile. Charles Kennedy said in the crude oil information website OilPrice that the reason for the volatility of oil prices was partly due to the computer programmed exchanges. But that’s not enough, because programmed trading is not something new in recent months. Volatility and volatility are the new normal of global financial markets, including crude oil. After the Federal Reserve launched its first interest rate hike in the last ten years in mid December, the global economy still looks unstable, and the outlook for oil demand is not optimistic. At present, there is no lack of factors affecting oil prices, such as China’s economic slowdown, emerging market devaluation, crude oil supply is still more than demand, inventory is at record levels, and the Federal Reserve this year may continue to increase interest rates. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

惊呆了!原油市场何曾见过当下这种波动性   年初至今,国际原油期货价格剧烈波动,日内价格常常大起大落,引发投资者的担忧。但更令人担心的是,这种大幅震荡目前仍未出现放缓迹象。   举个最新的例子。昨日(16日)下午,石油输出国组织(OPEC)部分成员国与俄罗斯正在多哈举行的“石油会议”的消息传出之后,布伦特原油期货价格大涨6.12%,突破35美元 桶。WTI油价涨5.6%。   但到了晚间,沙特、委内瑞拉、卡塔尔、俄罗斯同意将产量冻结在1月11日水平的消息公布后,国际油价大幅跳水,WTI油价抹去此前逾5%的涨幅,跌破30美元 桶。 下图是油价实际波动性:   追踪原油期权隐含波动性的CBOE原油波动率指数(CBOE Crude Oil Volatility Index)已经攀升至2009年3月以来的最高水平。过去两个月,国际油价一改2014年年中以来的相对稳步下跌的趋势,波动性明显增加,并飙升至如今 的七年最高水平。   对于投资者而言,与当前价格处于十多年最低水平相比,油价在日内上蹿下跳更让他们痛苦――多头和空头被轮番鞭笞。   伴随着波动性骤增,原油期货交易量也在激增。WTI原油期货在本月11日一举攀升至历史最高水平,达到179万张。   “WTI成交量刷新了新纪录,”Citi Futures Perspective能源分析师Tim Evans当时说道,“市场上有很多原油期货持仓者。大量资金在追逐油价。”   消息面因素显然不足以解释为何原油市场出现如此巨大的波动。Charles Kennedy在原油资讯网站OilPrice发文称,油价之所以剧烈波动,部分原因在于计算机程序化交易所致。但这个理由也并不充分,因为程序化交易可不是最近几个月才出现的新事物。   而反复无常、剧烈震荡是包括原油在内的全球金融市场的新常态。在美联储去年12月中旬推出了近十年来首次加息之后,全球经济看起来依然不稳定,原油需求前景并不乐观。   目前,并不缺乏影响油价的因素,比如中国经济增速放缓,新兴市场货币贬值,原油供应依然超过需求,库存处在创纪录水平,而且,美联储今年还可能继续加息。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: