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Still miss the keyboard? BlackBerry said it would release such a promise of the new machine – Sohu technology focus on software development, the end of all hardware development business, and outsource the hardware business partners. BlackBerry CEO Cheng Shouzong statement for BlackBerry’s own R & D hardware business is a full stop. Keep the other brand business, but their most famous hardware business outsourcing, this looks like a NOKIA like the end of a hero. As for the OEM BlackBerry Android machine, in fact, in BlackBerry officially announced the end of hardware development, already appeared — by Alcatel Idol 4 and DTEK50 oem. For this phone, loyal BlackBerry fans naturally refused, after all, it is not even a keyboard BlackBerry phone. Blackberry, of course, is the idea of loyal fans. Cheng Shouzong hinted in September, BlackBerry will push a keyboard machine. According to Bloomberg news, in an interview, Cheng Shouzong said: BlackBerry is making a keyboard phone I have promised. It will soon be coming out. From this point of view, I do not know whether the new machine has a keyboard is not known as the BlackBerry’s harvest. BlackBerry 2017 fiscal second quarter earnings, blackberry second quarter revenue of $334 million, $490 million over the same period last year fell 31.8%; a net loss of $372 million for the same period last year, net profit of $51 million. The overall loss of the environment, hidden software and services revenue rose sharply. BlackBerry second quarter software and services revenue of $138 million, an increase of 89%, software and services revenue accounted for about 44% of the service fee (SAP) accounted for 26% of revenue, mobile solutions revenue accounted for 26%. Software services revenue doubled, while the company is generally in a rapid loss, apparently BlackBerry has been unable to afford the heavy burden of hardware. Although the specific acceptance of blackberry phone manufacturers have not yet determined, but the future of blackberry, you will love it? I’m afraid most people miss, or that can play in the palm of the compact body, and the most classic, can arouse people’s desire of the minute typing keyboard. Li Mou (Nemo Lee) to meet in Jun Yin, horse tall willow. Mailbox Sina micro-blog know almost # welcomed the attention of the love child norm WeChat certified public number: AppSolution (micro signal: appsolution), found that the essence of cool new applications. Love fan children | original link view comments · Sina · micro-blog相关的主题文章: