South Korea began investigating whether illegal opposition to park the back line winflash

South Korea began investigating whether illegal opposition to park the second tier original title: South Korea began investigating whether illegal opposition to park the second tier [Global Times correspondent in South Korea Wang Wei] for confirmation of South Korean President Park Geun hye whether to intervene the Mir consortium and K sports group, special inspection group decided on the 10 survey this year in July 7 large enterprises and park Geun hye private interview president. Yonhap reported that the survey included Li Zairong, vice president of Samsung Electronics, modern KIA Automobile Group Chairman Zheng Mengjiu, LG Group Chairman Ju Benmao and other 7 people. Published professional polling agency Realmeter10 on the latest poll results show that more than 60% (60.4%) of the South Korean people think park should resign or be impeached, the support rate hit a record low; that she should be out of the new national party and handed over power to the new prime minister, accounted for 18.4%. Reported that in July 24th of this year, Pu Jinhui invited 17 large business group president to Chong Wa Dae for lunch and discussion. Pu Jinhui said: "I hope to set up a fund to support the diffusion of Korean enterprises." After that, she was interviewed with Samsung, Hyundai KIA, LG, Lotte and other 7 large enterprise president. Although the specific content of the interview is not clear, but anecdotal speculation, Pu Jinhui day may request financial sector to provide specific help for the establishment of the Mir consortium and the consortium of K sports. The legal profession believes that if Pu Jinhui listen to the requirements of the enterprise after the mouth to the enterprise to the two consortium contributions, then she has political and moral responsibilities, but may also bear legal responsibility. The Mir group and K group is the number of big sports enterprises in Korea jointly invested 80 billion won (about 480 million yuan) the establishment of the foundation, Pu Jinhui’s Shunshi Cui alleged the two foundations of privatization. South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" said 10 special inspection group from the mobile phone Zheng Hucheng was arrested in front tiles Secretary Pu Jinhui will get a recording of evidence indicating the president’s speech presentations and other documents to Cui Shunshi over Chong Wa Dae. Telephone recording content display, Pu Jinhui Zheng said: "the tiger data to look to Cui Shunshi, listen to her advice." Reported that Zheng Hucheng admitted to the special investigation team has admitted that the president instructed himself to file to Cui Shunshi. According to leaked Chong Wa Dae papers, the special inspection group on the 10 day of the former government publicity Secretary Ann Fenggen and former Secretary General Officer Li Zaiwan raid, looking for evidence. The two are former Chong Wa Dae only fully representative of the. South Korea "world daily" says 10 days, around the park Geun hye whether "second line", the intensification of the contradictions between the ruling and opposition parties. The ruling new national party urged government as soon as possible consultations established neutral government, but the opposition insisted Park "back seat" and quit the ruling party. The new national party leader Li Zhenxuan 10 in Congress said in a statement: "asked the president to give up the army rule and martial law in the right is unacceptable, is unconstitutional." But the opposition to Democratic congressional delegation Yu Xianghu and opposition party members visited the special inspection group, required to continue to investigate "his politics" incident. The National Party leader Pu Zhiyuan and the party’s former leader Anne zhe 5相关的主题文章: