South Korea and the United States Marine Corps for the first time rehearsal asylum North Korean refu actv

South Korean Marines first drill "containing North Korean refugees" – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, Korea and the U.S. Marine Corps 3, held for the first time in the so-called "containing North Korean refugees" as the theme of military exercises, North Korea claimed to deal with the wave of refugees may suddenly appear "". 3 South Korean Marine Corps announced on 2016 as part of the Korea us "Huguo" joint landing exercises, this exercise focused on how to "shelter for refugees" and to provide humanitarian assistance to the. This year from October 29th to November 6th by exercise held in the southeastern port city of Pohang. South Korean Marines said, more than 130 U.S. military operations personnel to participate in the exercise, and the ROK share in Afghanistan asylum and refugee assistance experience. Yonhap reported that South Korean navy and Marine Corps has specially set up the first special implementation of civil military operations troops. South Korea and the United States and the United States also leased the first private deck transport ship carrying equipment and materials to carry out the exercise of landing. 2600 South Korean Marine Corps, 36 amphibious armored vehicles and other equipment, the 3 South Korean navy ship "King peak" class amphibious landing ship more than and 20 ships and helicopters, transport planes and many fighters participated in this exercise.相关的主题文章: