Some words do not want to say to the child, will follow him for a lifetime! Sohu –

Some words do not want to say to the child, will follow him for a lifetime! Sohu maternal and child in the usual, parents encounter children naughty, or do things to the children feel dissatisfied, parents always say a few words. Most of the parents will feel that the children do not understand, have heard of the forgotten. But I do not know that sometimes a careless word, will cause great harm to the child, or even leave a shadow. Leilei is five years old this year, although it is a boy but than most boys to be timid when danleilei mom and Dad take the children out, and always very timid, always hiding in the mother’s arms. Leilei dad resent Leilei this behavior, so do not think the son of man, the future will suffer. Once and with my father to go to the mall and the mall was just engaged in activities, let Leilei dad Leilei up to sing a song, even though my father’s urging children, but we are not willing to go. Leilei dad couldn’t help but be a bit angry, he said: "a little man, like a sissy." We feel very happy, after dad used to like, as long as the child will see squeamish timid, Dad would say children like a sissy. Although there is resistance but Dad Leilei, very small children do not know not to regard it as right, think, that is not in your heart. But once they found home to Grandpa’s photograph and cried, let my grandfather back to teach your son. This let Leilei parents dumbfounding, father think of a child Leilei would be so concerned about this matter, I accidentally said actually hurt the child so deep. Do not give the child a label affixed to the child’s education, the most taboo is to label the child. The child’s personality and habits will change with the growth of the child label will not only make the child resentment, but also hurt the child’s self-esteem, affecting the development of children. Respect for the child’s feelings to give birth to a child may be a relatively easy thing, from the beginning of pregnancy to birth as long as around October, you can complete a person’s birth. But if you want to create a child to become a good adult, it will take almost a lifetime, and this process is very difficult, so adults tend not to belittle the child’s feelings. A child’s behavior is closely related to his feelings. Children have a good attitude will have good behavior, want a child to have a good state of mind, we must first understand his feelings. In fact, as long as the child to respect the feelings of the heart, to protect his little self-esteem. Encourage children to give more encouragement to their children, tell the child that he is a polite, cheerful, courageous, progressive, unity…… The child, if the child appears negative emotions or bad habits, parents should be the first time to help the child to correct these bad habits, encourage them to do some brave thing, give them some confidence, a lot of children false praise. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive maternal and child safety and health; early childhood education, parenting and other aspects of the information, and with the baby grow up healthy and happy! Everything in the Po mom class, focus on methods: micro signal: baomakt (public)相关的主题文章: