Snh48 MV exposure Princess cloak deduction exotic Trailer-isobuster

"The princess" cloak SNH48 exposure MV Trailer exotic interpretation of Sina entertainment news SNH48 third annual total runoff on popular idol single – "Princess" cloak name MV trailer was finally unveiled, the full version of MV will be in mid October, the whole network on-line. MV, TOP16 members of the embodiment of elegant and charming Princess of Spain, with a warm and romantic feelings of the exotic. "The princess" cloak MV by TOP16 members went to Spain to shoot, and also recorded a version of VR. JJ Lin [micro-blog] personally penned by composer, who has Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, the famous American singer and play a combination of music making of the American people and the Scott gold music production team featuring music production. Accompanied by cheerful romantic playing flamenco guitar, "cloak" princess took us into the distant country of Spain, with the SNH48 girls opened a gorgeous exotic adventure. MV, members of collective put on gorgeous flamenco costumes, or a bright red rose or a beautiful dance fan, beautiful delicate face, charming and mysterious look, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling. It is worth mentioning that the members not only incarnate amorous Gypsy, and members in a bullfight, turned to the valiant and heroic in bearing Spaniards, beautiful and unruly Princess show.相关的主题文章: