Snail on Wang Kai tonight Wang Ziwen followed by a couple of foot understanding (video)

"Snail" on Wang Kai tonight Wang Ziwen followed by a couple of love "if tacit foot snail" conference discovered the ultimate Trailer Tencent entertainment news Oriental TV Week broadcast dramas "if snails have love" will be hot after "old nine door", tonight (October 24th) every Monday 22:00 three free, at the same time, the Tencent will also be video the whole network independent broadcast. "If the snail has love" adapted from the novel of the same name by Hou Hongliang Ding Mo, Fang Fang, as a producer, directed by Zhang Kaizhou, Zhu Zhu, Wang Ziwen, Xu Yue screenwriter, Wang Kai, starring in the identity, tells the story of bahls (Wang Kai ornaments) and Xu Xu (Prince gloze) in cooperation in favor, together to solve a mystery story. The high cold tongue "Lion" Captain adorable wise "snail" intern, interpretation of a suspense and sweet love journey. High cold "Lion" Captain love adorable "snail" intern high IQ mentoring to ride wonderful adventure drama broadcast section "if love" in the snail week, actor bahls (Wang Kai ornaments) and actress Xu Xu (Prince gloze) is the master. The only wise bahls disciple of love, but no matter how he chased the Ming implied, such as "snail" a dull girl is not received love signals. In the two feelings slowly began to heat up the occasion, they were involved in a dangerous extreme adventure. Two people are in a process of adventure in the progressive development of comrades and mutual admiration for in life and death. It is worth mentioning that, in this play, the character of the men and women are very interesting. Wang Kai played the season of white is a bit cold high captain usually be beneath the human character, and tongue, like the "Lion" arrogant atmosphere, love everything. In the face of intern Xu Xu, bahls slowly from love to abandon, heart appeared to her love is full of contradictions. But Wang Ziwen’s Xu Xu is a high IQ EQ is low but the genius girl, feelings such as "snail" as dull, she always live in their own little world, where the channel is total channel is not consistent with others. Because of their family relationship came in, she felt bahls everywhere for their captain was not friendly, even the last people say "Lion" fell in love with the "snail", "snail" she was a very ignorant. The "Lion" and "snail" intern captain has been to concentrate on crack the puzzle, but I do not know the love in their hearts gradually fermentation. Create a new warm sweet comic performance "wind up sister" Nirvana "snail carrying" by adding "special effects" play, because Xu Xu petite, bahls her repeatedly staged "Liao Mei" Nirvana "snail carrying" – a girl grabbed the collar, hand carrying her to carry around. With Xu Xu deadpan stare, "Lion" bully "cute snail" was the ultimate image again. This is the director of nirvana in order to better show the drama of warm sweet style, imitate the interactive melodramatic comics, specifically for the design of the interactive model and actress. Although the movement is domineering, but two characters are in an interview revealed that in fact this "snail carrying" scene to shoot out or rely on "special effects". Although Xu Xu played Wang Ziwen petite and slender, very much in line with the setting of the image, but you want to complete this action"相关的主题文章: