Six good blow prev seven Lian Yang said why next week trend is suspended

Six good blow prev seven Lian Yang said why next week trend is suspended this debut from the public number: checking master [fupan588] in October 14th, Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index opened slightly lower, then gradually concussion, gem index fell more than 1%. Two cities in the afternoon stock index rebounded into a state of slow recovery. Late in Chinese drive Unicom, railway, Chinese Chinese to heavyweight, Shanghai refers to accelerate the rise, smoothly meteoric rise to close, the gem refers to the decline has narrowed. As at the closing, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3063.81 points, up 0.08%, turnover of 163 billion 790 million yuan. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10759.68 points, down 0.26%, turnover of 259 billion 790 million yuan. Gem closed at 2194.23 points, down 0.65%, turnover of $71 billion 740 million. Stock index out of 7 with Yang, the highest in the year even forced Yang record, the whole week rose nearly 2%. Review this week, from news, good news is not much, mainly includes: first, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 11 months late Monday launched 13 October, the Hongkong stock exchange Shenzhen Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Xiaojia said on the 13, when conditions permit, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the introduction of priority will be launched in the 11 months late "Monday", "Monday" for easier handling in terms of risk management. Two, supervision and training will be new trends: focus on preventing exposure of IPO audit reporting broker Chinese sick reporter was informed that the latest news from the regulatory authorities, "prevent sick declaration" is a focus of the current work of the IPO audit, the basic principle of "strict supervision", the financial problems and legal issues to focus on strengthening the verification of IPO queuing enterprises, while strengthening the supervision on major issues after the meeting. Three, occupation pension sail: Interim Measures of occupation pension fund management is expected 5 years after entering the late A stock funds up to 300 billion Department, the Ministry of Finance in June to the public for comments "(hereinafter referred to as the" measures "), has officially issued. This programmatic document released, marking the basic pension insurance as a useful supplement to the occupational pension officially set sail, but also means that after the enterprise annuity, A shares will usher in new funds. Four, the news of the group and the China chemical industry group will merge its A shares of the name of the document Bloomberg quoted insiders said that China plans to Sinochem Group and China Chemical Group merged into a group. According to the China chemical industry group website, the group’s revenue of $45 billion in 2015; holding a total of 8 A shares of listed companies, the number of overseas enterprises in the 9. According to the Chinese Sinochem website, a number of Listed Companies in the group holdings international, SINOFERT, China Jinmao, is the largest shareholder of the Far East horizon. Five, September investor confidence report: investors that the market strong resilience China securities investor protection fund limited liability company official micro-blog news October 13th, September 2016 China stock market investor confidence survey analysis report. Survey shows that in September China’s stock market investor confidence index reached 50.3, a decline of 6.9%. The report notes that investors still believe that the current market strong resistance. Six, real estate funds into the stock market research section]相关的主题文章: