Should It Be A New Or Used Travel

Travel-and-Leisure Considering a travel trailer for the family? The 64 thousand dollar question is, should it be new or used? We will try to help you get a good answer to this troubling question. You want to know just what the pros and cons are before you go out and plunk down your cash to buy. First let’s list the questions that require a decision first to get you off to a great start. First question is should the travel trailer be new or used? Should we pay cash or go the route of pay off on time? What is in the family budget? What travel trailer type tow-haul, fifth wheel or toy hauler? What are your floor plan family requirements? Buying can be a tough decision without knowing the pros and cons first. Instead of just running out and making a purchase make a treasure hunt out of the project. Really take your time and consider all the options do some comparisons and reject the idea to just buy on the spot. Your family travel trailer is something that must be acquired not bought. This is an important part of the process and if you rush it you will be unhappy. So just take your time and follow the process and do your homework and check with the wife and kids also by getting them to help. Advantages of Used or the Pros Right up front you will pay much less by paying market value instead of full retail. Most travel trailers on the used market have a market value and when you pay this price over new they retain their true market value longer because you can never recoup full retail. Sometimes used can be bought and used for a year or two and then sold for more than what was originally paid. In the used travel trailer market there are many places to get up to date information on current market value. Another big advantage of used over new is more often than not the previous owner has corrected all the bugs for you. All new travel trailers have bugs the will need to be fixed. You will want to consider all the different manufactures because some will have all the options you want and others will not. Here is where to start your research: Travel trailer forums to ask other owners about their likes and dislikes and a lot of how-to solve some of the problems that come up. eBay for all the models and price comparisons and what option come in a certain models. Craigslist is a fantastic free classified site but you will need one of the Craigslist search tools to save you from going through the listings one by one. There is a misconception about used thinking that they are worn out more often than not they are better maintained than their homes. You can find showroom new shape in models for the 70s, 80s, and 90s and it is not hard to do. If they get used they get lots of care that keeps them in excellent condition. The Negative Aspect or Cons of Used The troubles that you could run into with used especially if you have not done a good inspection can be major or minor or none at all. Remember that most cases there will be no warranty so to correct problems is at your expense. If you don’t know how to check everything out ask for help buy a check list so you do not miss anything important. No matter what shape a used travel trailer is in once acquired get it thoroughly cleaned if not by you then a professional detailer clean anything and everything from carpets and furniture to wash and wax the outside so budget for this step. The older models do not have as many selections in floor plans the we do today. Since the invention of the slid outs the options in floor plans are endless and compared to the older used market. New Travel Trailer Advantages or Pros Well we hit the first one many more options on floor plans with the new slid outs that provide a lot more living space and option on floor plans. Plus a lot of times you get to select colors when available. New is just something a lot of people like. Being the first to ever use it and sleep in it people will pay the retail premium for. When it is bought new you have a warranty to address the problems you run into and the option of getting them repaired for free is nice. New lets you escape the normal maintenance like tires, batteries and generators for at least the first year during the warranty period. The Negatives of the New Travel Trailer or Cons New mean full retail price and the minute you pull it out of the lot it starts to depreciate. You will never get this price to sell it plus financing with little money down you will always be what they call Up-side Down owing more than it is worth. This makes them very hard to get rid of without paying someone to take it off your hands. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: