September 20th evening good news list of listed companies tokyo hot n0476

The evening of September 20th listed a list of the good news of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my Sina Finance News September 20th news of you, the number of listed companies for the following evening announcement, news summary: Wuhan Steel shares: Baosteel WISCO Wuhan Iron and steel group to be merged with the free transfer of Wuhan 4.9% WISCO shares the major asset restructuring plans for the initial transaction to Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares all shareholders of A shares issued convertible, convertible merger of Wuhan Steel shares, Baosteel merged party and the surviving party, for the Wuhan Steel shares the merged party and non existence, are not expected to result in the final control of the company the right to change, nor a backdoor listing. At the same time, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group intends to free transfer by way of holding the Wuhan Steel shares 247297606 shares of A shares transferred to the Beijing Chengtong holding Investment Co., 247297606 shares of A shares to the transfer of new investment limited. Honglu: signed 104 million yuan major business contracts Honglu recently received the Shaanxi Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. of Xianyang rainbow construction steel structure project of steel structure fabrication, transportation contract, tentative contract engineering steel production capacity of 21914 tons, temporary contracts valued at 103965590 yuan. The project contract amount of approximately 2015 of the company’s audited annual main business income of $3.72%. A sea of heavy: solar photovoltaic power plant investment to set up a subsidiary to heavy land and sea and natural persons accounted for far Qing jointly invested 50 million yuan to set up a subsidiary, the company invested 25 million 500 thousand yuan in cash, holds 51% stake; accounting for far Qing invested 24 million 500 thousand yuan in cash, holds a 49% stake. After the establishment of the company is mainly engaged in solar photovoltaic power plants, renewable energy, such as the construction of distributed power stations. Midea Group Offer: KUKA group of Brazil antitrust review by as Beijing September 17, 2016, Midea Group offer the KUKA Aktiengesellschaft on the Brazil antitrust review of the delivery conditions are satisfied. The tender offer is still subject to review by the European Union, Mexico, and the U.S. Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) and the Defense Trade Control Council (DDTC) review. Tianshun shares: in cooperation with the Lithuania railway company in September 19, 2016, Erik shares with Lithuania railway Limited by Share Ltd signed a "memorandum of cooperation". According to the memorandum signed, the two sides will focus on promoting the container traffic through Vilnius and Kaunas intermodal station between China and Europe, and cooperation in the field of transport of goods. Lithuania railway Limited by Share Ltd is Lithuania’s largest transport company, responsible for the national passenger, freight transport and logistics services. Music network: employee stock ownership plans to complete holdings of 510 million yuan shares as of the announcement date of disclosure, the first phase of the first phase of employee stock ownership plan through the auction market in the form of a total of two companies to buy相关的主题文章: